My black skirt is missing!!  This wouldn’t be so bad except that I found out like 10 minutes before leaving for church!!  My other “church” clothes just aren’t as comfy as my classic long black skirt with it’s wonderful elastic waist.  I know I know, elastic waists are a total no no especially if Stacy and Clinton are standing next to you, but I can’t help it!  I think I’ve had that skirt since high school.  It may only be since college, but still, that’s a long time ago.  And it has stretched with me through 2 pregnancies now.  Oh how I miss my black skirt.  It goes with nearly everything and was my go to skirt for last minute “special” occasions.  I had it when I went to visit my parents at the beginning of this month and my mom just looked through her closet and didn’t see it among her 12 black skirts (who needs 12 black skirts, seriously) so I’m in mourning for my classic piece of comfort.  I’ve done all the laundry, checked all the suitcases, looked in all drawers and closets and no luck!  Where’s the weirdest spot you’ve found a long lost item and maybe I could check there next?

6 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. That’s funny because my white cami is missing as well. I have looked everywhere and still no luck! I hope you find your skirt!

  2. Sorry about your skirt 🙁 Sometimes I switch places I put things like put the skirt in the pantry and the crackers in the laundry?? 🙂 I laughed at your Stacy and Clinton comment, I was watching them today thinking I probably qualified for the show Ahh!!

  3. AMANDA. If that skirt has stretched through two pregnancies, there is no way it fits you now. Oh sure, you probably think it does, but if you could see it from someone else’s perspective, you’d probably think, “Why doesn’t that woman wear something her size?” Consider it a favor from the fashion gods. Go buy a nice pencil skirt- THAT’S a classic, go-to piece.

  4. I’ve got it! Wendy, you totally incriminated yourself! She took your black skirt, Amanda!! She’s a Stacy in desguise…fashion policing in your closet!
    ps…I feel your pain. My dog ate my favorite pink fleece pants. I’m in total mourning. Can we cry together?

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