I’ve Got Sunshine

So Mikey got invited to his first birthday party, for 4 kids actually, and we had quite a cute little time.  Little kids love parks, so what better spot than the community park- complete with grassy area, 2 playgrounds, tables, and covered area.  We had some yummy food and the Elmo cake was quite an accomplishment.  Would you believe we got a little sunburned??  It’s February and we got sun!!  We are totally red on our arms and face.  I guess it’s time to seriously bust out the sunscreen and lather on the thick goopy stuff. 

I always liked Banana Boat’s coconut scented sunscreen, but I haven’t bought that stuff in a long time!  So out with the sunscreen and away with the winter clothes!!  My kiddo has so many winter clothes so that will be nice to make room for more summer clothes.  Horray for nice weather.  Only a matter of time before a real Vegas summer hits us.

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