It’s Been 5 Months Since I Had This Kid…

So no scrapbook yet! I haven’t even looked hard at purchasing one! Maybe I should just give in to the digital scrapbooking craze…

Well little Joshy survived 2 1/2 hours of visiting teaching today =o) I had to wake him up from his nap, leave without feeding him or a diaper change, and as you can imagine he had a rough time! Don’t worry, I changed him and fed him at our 2nd stop and he let it be known to all that he does NOT like a bottle!!! Luckily I could make myself at home and give this little guy the real stuff!! I have such awesome visiting teachees or whatever you’re supposed to call them, all 7 of them this month!!!

So here’s looking at you Mr. 5 month old:

-must be teething, because our once happy boy now cries cries cries and chews on his fist constantly. I think it’s the whole 2 steps forward one step back routine going on right now

– tried rice cereal on Saturday and ate the whole serving no problem at all. He knew just what to do and shocked us all

-wears size 2 diapers and is pooping about every other day rather than once a week

-kicks and splashes so hard in the tub that even Mikey is a bit afraid of him now and mommy and daddy are drenched each and every night

-screams, squeals, screeches, and does everything LOUD, really LOUD

-giggles when tickled

-loves kids to play with him and strangers to hold him

-babbles during prayers and pipes up when you talk about Heavenly Father

– twists and turns all over in his crib

– can pull his link toys off and put them in his mouth

-has experienced Orajel and wasn’t too much of a fan

-Picked up a pen from the floor and put it in his mouth

– Still rolls from back to side, but not to tummy quite yet

– Is getting very strong legs since he kicks and pushes on everything he can

-Loves his big brother Mikey and will calm down when Mikey’s close

6 thoughts on “It’s Been 5 Months Since I Had This Kid…

  1. We used the teething tablets. It worked wonders but I dont know if it works on all babies. We loved them and will totally use them again. Teething is so hard, Landon had all 12 teeth by 9 months, it was crazy teething for us. Good luck!!!
    Thanks for the boxes by the way! Oh and every morning they play the music at 6:00 am, so it does annoy me because I can hear it, we dont like it so much but hey I suppose we have to deal, at least its not 4:30 am. :O)

  2. I love your pictures! Take lots, they grew so fast. Paige is almost 6 months!! I can’t believe it!
    BTW we just had our first trip to chuckie cheese! What a blast! Carter was in heaven!

  3. stepbystepdigitalscrapbook.comHi Amanda,
    Josh looks like a real little cutie. And isn’t it amazing how much time seems to disappear when they come into your life. That wasn’t in the fine print.

    If you’re interested in giving digital scrapbooking a go check out Step by Step Digital Scrapbook. It’s a site designed especially for the beginner to digital scrapbooking, with all the info you need to get you started.

  4. Poor Josh,

    It’s no fun getting teeth! They work so hard to get them in, and then a few short years later they want them to fall out AND expect to get paid for it. I liked those teethers that you could put in the fridge, and the ones that would vibrate (and when I say I liked, of course, I mean it made my baby cry less…)

  5. Amanda, the boys are getting so big and cute! Aiden loves chewing on those teethers you can put in the fridge. They really seemed to help. I also use the “teeting tablets” from Walmart, they are a homeopathic brand, and they work great! What trooper for 2 1/2 of visiting teaching.

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