It’s Been 3 Months Since I Had This Kid!

Father\'s Day at Mt. Charleston

Another month down! We’re starting to get the hang of this parenting to more than 1 kid. Getting out the door with everyone is getting quicker each and every time. I remember our first outing (baby doc appt.) took nearly an hour of preparation, but now a days we’re about only 5 minutes until take off. Diapers and wipes are pretty much all I check for. Luckily we have had no blowouts outside of the house. I’m sure they will be coming soon. Here’s some highlights for the scrapbook that still isn’t purchased and scrapbook pages are only still ideas in my head:

-fits size 2 diapers

-takes a bath with Mikey every night

-has dark hair (still), but is loosing it around the back and top

-has been to church and survived the block 2 times

– was blessed June 1st

– loves to sit in your lap, look up at you and babble back at your questions

– cried it out for 30 minutes and then gave in to taking a nap and getting into a daily nap schedule with hardly any resistance

– is very congested, still!! It’s been like 2 months. We suck out the stuffy nose boogies at least twice a day.

– fell asleep on the Boppy today

– starting to grab for toys hanging on his toy mat

– has been to Mt. Charleston, Plant World, and Target for outings

– loves to hold hands with Mikey on the bed or playmat

– gives really big smiles when you talk to him

– sleeps in a bouncy chair rather than the crib

– smiles when you touch his nose or cheeks

-likes it when you play “this little piggy” with his toes

-gets really stinky gas before he poops, which is only like every 3 or 4 days

– puts up with Mikey smothering Baby Bear all over him

Josh\'s Baby Blessing on the bed Josh on the boppy hanging around on the bed Mt. Charleston for Father\'s Day Mom and Josh

2 thoughts on “It’s Been 3 Months Since I Had This Kid!

  1. I cannot believe it has been three months already!!!! I LOVE all of hair, So CUTE 🙂 Gavin started sleeping through the night all by himself…..I LOVE Baby Wise!!! If he does wake up too early….aka 3am I just let him cry himself back to sleep He will usually wake up again about 6am :)The trick is teaching them how to fall asleep on their own….It’s hard but totally worth it!!! GOOD LUCK

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