It’s all Inside

So last month our ward had an Emergency Preparedness Faire to get people informed and motivated to start with their family home storage (food, water, fuel, other supplies).  The lesson: It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark! 

Since I was on the planning committee, not only did I learn that delegating assignments is the only way to go and makes your life easier, but I had a blast with my specific topic of “where to store all that food!”  Disclaimer: I am not an expert at where to store food storage.  When I was a teacher the motto was “beg, borrow, and steal” which I applied while researching this topic- to get pictures, not the actual food!?!  What you’re about to see are ideas I have gathered from all over the place as to where people are storing their surplus. Click and open:

Parade of Homes (if you have PowerPoint) or use this: free PowerPoint Viewer

2 thoughts on “It’s all Inside

  1. Some really good ideas. Of course you could always store things under the bed. Or, you could be like that mom on the “RM” and make beds out of food storage. 🙂

  2. I got so excited to put stuff under our bed and it was too tall for our bed frame and couldn’t fit under there! I don’t dare put our bed up any higher just so I can fit some cans under it. Seriously, a great idea in theory- especially if it’s something good like apple slices that you could munch on when ever!!

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