I’m all by Myself…

So the hubby is out of state with his entire family for a funeral, minus a few inlaws, and I am surviving day 2 being a bachelorette (with a kid). So we’ve eaten out a lot and been shopping all over the place and we still have a few more days to go. It isn’t so bad except for the part where my kiddo refuses to take a nap and that means mommy doesn’t get a nap either, such a bummer. I’ve gotten smart though and sort of doze off while he’s playing in the living room or watch his Jesus DVD as he calls it.

Today we had some Valentine making fun at the Krafty Kreations store which is closing its doors unfortunately. It was the coolest little store for letting kids do arts and crafts. And they clean up everything. I will admit that I ended up making most of the stuff b/c kiddo was too enthrawled in eating his candy bracelet and pointing and the ink smudges he had made on the table from rubber stamping Valentine cards for “Ammah”, “Ampah”, “Unkee Biyee”, and “Daddy”! We had a blast despite the distractions and the sweet treats from Costco that were totally free and delicious kept us around a bit longer. Note to self- Capri Sun drinks go straight through a kid who normally drinks water and milk… don’t let an entire juice box get devoured in 1 sitting.

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