Ice Cold Lemonade

Every kid needs to make lemonade once in their lifetime, right?  My aunt gave us some lemons from her trees and so there on the counter they sat and sat and sat.  We busted open the juicer (wedding present never used until now) and made lemon juice ice cubes, filled up the lemon juice container in the fridge, and then experimented with water, sugar, and lemon juice to make lemonade!  Not too bad for our first time. 

Now to figure out what to do with the grape fruits and limes?!?

6 thoughts on “Ice Cold Lemonade

  1. thats awesome! That is totally fun, yall always get the best fruit! You could juice limes and make lime juice and grapefruit juice you could even make smoothies and virgin margaritas out of the lime juice…. just ideas!!! :O) I bet Mikey loves to do that stuff, such a fun mom

  2. You’re a home schooler already.=) And don’t you love those long lost forgotten about wedding presents. Good for you. As for the couponing, I am in total awe. I’ll be checking out your bargain sites soon.

  3. Fun! Mikey looks like he is totally having a blast!
    I think it would be fun to make juice and ice cubes with the limes, too. They would taste yummy in lemonade. You could do the same thing with the grapefruits and use the ice cubes in fruit punch.
    Another idea for the limes. Cut them up, put them in the crock-pot with some chicken, some water and butter, and have a yummy dinner.

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