I Love Freecycle!

Have you signed up for this yet?  I love Freecycle and check in every day in hopes of finding something I could use that someone else in the city is getting rid of.  The whole idea is to keep your items out of the landfills by giving them to someone else who could use them.  And it’s all for free! You can post offers and wants and you’d be surprised at how many people respond to you and want your junk, er uh I mean stuff!  I have cleaned out closets and freecycled our extra school backpacks, clothes too small for either of us, old board games, window “bug” screens, leftover paint, and furniture pieces we no longer need. 

Of course getting things is always fun too!  We’ve picked up large outdoor toys, craft and office supplies, bookshelves, a BBQ, and lots of little kid clothes that people have to offer.  And currently, I’m hoping to be the lucky recipient of some unopened packages of diapers.  Hello!  Free diapers!  Pick me pick me, because I live close and will come as soon as you call me!

So, you post an OFFER on the Freecycle Yahoo group and include  a description of your item and your general area, cross streets, or zip code (this cuts down on no-shows who don’t want to travel the distance to pick up your item).  Then you wait patiently while your email inbox fills up with emails from people requesting your item.  I always ask in my post that people respond with their name, phone #, day and approx time they can pick up.  Then I weed through the emails, pick a person to receive my item, contact them and make arrangements for them to pick it up.  I leave my items outside by the front door, give the people my address, and have them just come by and pick it up.  That way, they don’t know come inside my house or anything like that.  You also could arrange to meet people half way to deliver the item in a crowded area like a store parking lot just for saftey’s sake.  So after the item is picked up, you post a TAKEN message to the Freecycle group so people know it’s no longer available. 

So whether your “green” or not, Freecycle is just plain simple and easy and a great way to give and get new stuff within your community.  Freecycle groups are nationwide, so you just have to select your city and sign up to be a member.  It’s free! Free, free free free!  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Check out the Freecycle website, enter your city, and sign up to be a member today!


8 thoughts on “I Love Freecycle!

  1. I did it forever and should sign up and request to not have emails sent to me. Daily I was deleting thousands of emails…. Ive turned to craigs list, but that costs money…. :O) I really should go back to freecycle…. :O)

  2. I tried to join the Vegas group a few months ago and they DENIED me. They said I didn’t send them the email answering their questions, but I did. My “sent messages” folder proves it. Grrrr. I wanted to give away some junk and maybe pick up some more.

  3. I’ve done freecycle for a while now, but I keep getting no shows, so I’m becoming hardened to it. I’m about to put some more stuff on there, and if I get burned this time, I may be done with it.
    But, it has been fun to get little “treasures!”

  4. Surprisingly the only no show I have had is for the lady who was in constant contact with me and emailing me all about her ward and stuff. She wanted my old Ensigns and then never came!?! I was shocked!

  5. Amanda, that sounds like a great thing! I will have to check it out! Also, Yes, we will still be in your ward. It has been a long process but we are waiting for the house to close and should be there at church next week! It will be great to finally meet!!

  6. Wahoo! Our boys now have a very nice large car/ train table with reversible scenes and 2 rolling drawers that go underneath! Now Mikey can set his train track up and all the little parts and I won’t have to trip over them on the floor!!! It’s in fabulous shape too! Did I mention I love freecycle?

    There’s been a few people moving out of state who needed to get rid of their food storage too! I haven’t been so lucky getting those items from Freecycle, but I’m gonna keep trying!

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