Holy Crap!

Toilet Buddies

Mikey just went pee pee in the potty! Mike’s been setting him on there for a while now every night before his bath. Well Mikey says he’s going, but we all get bored and so straight into the tub he goes- only to pee in there as soon as the water turns on!! May this be the beginning of a new found interest and may we have a clean successful attempt each and every day. Yeah right, who am I fooling!! I am so dreading this whole potty training thing, more because of the cleaning up accidents and stuff like that. I’ve read your blogs- I’m not doing a potty dance this soon. This was just by chance I am afraid. Any tips for potty training? We bought one of those little potty seats that fits on the regular toilet seat (I am never ever ever cleaning out one of those little fake toilets that sits next to the real toilet. That is soooooo gross I just couldn’t do it!) only to find out that we have long oval toilet seats and the little round potty seat has quite a weird fit when it’s sitting on the real toilet seat. It works, but I forsee many “misses” because of the gaps. Wish us luck with the start of something wonderful. A rite of passage maybe.

3 thoughts on “Holy Crap!

  1. Personally, I’m not the one to ask about potty training tips. Izzy was my worst nightmare and I’m dreading teaching the other two. Pregnancy and child birth, no problem. Sleepless nights, doable. Potty training, I’m praying for a miracle.=) But not to scare you of course. If it comes, GO WITH IT!!! I pray that you have happy successes and can annoy all those around you with your quick success stories. That’s my dream.

    One tip for boys though, teach them to point their penis down. When sitting on the potty, just teach them to hold it down and that’ll help with the messes. I’ve also heard that using Cheerios in the toilet as targets are a fun game. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Good luck. We let Landon run around in big boy undies and so far he knows enough to not pee on the furniture. :O) He likes to sit on the potty but usually goes right after he gets off. He tells us all the time that he needs to go, so thats good I just think they might get stage fright. Its a matter of them being patient enough to stay there till it comes, I think. Who knows, I forsee a long journey in my future.:O)

  3. What I did with both the boys was take them on a special trip to Wal-Mart or Target and let them pick out their very own big boy underwear! It was thrilling! Then we told them that Spiderman doesn’t like to get peed on, so we have to remember to use the potty. Then you have to take him to the toilet like every hour. A tip for getting him to go once on the toilet is to run the water in the sink, and make sure he’s had lots to drink. If you normally limit the amount of drink during the day, forget it. You have to get that bladder nice and full! I would also recommend you have him go in with Mike and see what daddy does. And, if daddy acts really excited about going, Mikey will be, too.
    Then, poopies are the next step. No tips for those.
    Everyone says boys are harder to potty trin than girls, but I’ve had just the opposite experience. Trying to get Daphne potty trained has been very difficult, but I think we’re making progress.
    I had an aunt with two boys and she told me that when she was potty training them, she would carry around a jar with her, in case they had to go while they were out of the house. 🙂

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