Food, Glorious Food!

I think I’ve used that title before, but I couldn’t think of any other songs related to food!  We are totally getting excited for food storage at my house- the MREs came via ground shipping today and so we can let the packing 72 hour kit games begin.  These things are awesome!!  1 MRE meal has like 1700 calories so if we pack 3 meals for each person each day, we’re determined to stay alive in a disaster and probably have left over food I think.  Did you know that the real MREs are property of the US government and not available for resale?  The ones we got are the real thing and somehow that little disclaimer wasn’t printed on the them, so the company could really sell them. 

 Well we have a long ways to go to get up to par with this whole idea of food and home storage for 1 year, but I’m feeling a step closer now that we have some MREs that don’t need inspecting until 2010!!!  How awesome is that?  All I got to say is “it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” so do a little every shopping trip to buy a little extra, or buy a bigger size to help in the goal of attaining 1 year of food.

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  2. I think you just have to check the packaging in 2010 and look for signs of wear and tear and see if the package has come open from extreme conditions. Hubby put them in the deep freeze so I guess they will be good for a long while now!!

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