Elmo’s World!

So Mikey is really fond of Elmo even though we haven’t watched Sesame Street is a really long time.  I saw these shirts at Babies R Us and just had to get them.  I didn’t think I would be a fan of matching sibling clothes, but I really think it’s cute!  My little mosters!!

Grandma came down and saw Mikey’s affection towards Elmo and insisted on making him some Elmo bibs and an Elmo blanket.  I’m sure the Elmo big boy undies are in the works too, but I’m not holding my breath.

So here’s to little monsters who look oh so cute and keep me on my toes with their monster messes every single day.  

1 thought on “Elmo’s World!

  1. Landon loves elmo too. Its so funny, he loved elmo even though we had never watched seaseme street. When we went to pick out his undies he found elmo sports so he was in heaven. Your boys are both so cute and precious and sometimes matching is just what little brothers need. I think the big boys like knowing their brother is wearing the same thing as them.

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