Desperation Plea!

Choir concert tonight @ 6.  The 16 dresses are not finished (long story, don’t ask).  WANTED: people who can sew a straight line or are willing to learn and people who can iron out wrinkles!!  Stay as little or as long as you can.  Kids welcome- mine could use some company!!

call me and I’ll give you directions (Teracina neighborhood)

Amanda (see neighborhood list for #)

2 thoughts on “Desperation Plea!

  1. Hey, Amanda,

    Gluten-free candy sounds cool. How sweet of you. I thought I would advise you that Rice Chex is the gluten-free one. The rest have “malt flavoring” which is actually barley. It’s really crazy stuff I’ve had to learn, but it’s very educational isn’t it? he, he…thanks for being so thoughtful.

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