Bittersweet Memories

So when I went away to college I knew I wanted to be a teacher because 1- it would be an easy major and I could zoom through college since my major was “decided” and 2- growing up in Las Vegas and then coming back to be a teacher would be a guaranteed job! So even before college I started collecting fabulous teacher finds at yard sales, thrift stores, from former teacher friends and colleagues and this past week I gave it all away! We’re talking like 7 years of collecting wonderful artifacts, books, resources…. you get the idea- it has become useless stuff taking up precious food storage room! Let’s face reality- been there, done that, got the faculty t-shirt and I am not going back!

Someone in my ward just finished student teaching and will be teaching 3rd grade this coming school year. Imagine my excitement when I realized I could just pass off everything to her to help her get started (I taught 3rd grade for 3 years.) So 2 days of sorting through stuff and I have condensed 9 boxes down to 2. Mikey really liked the pattern blocks and geometric shapes so I couldn’t pass those on. I did keep a few other items like ABC and number flash cards for my kiddos as well. I seriously passed on so much teachery stuff that I had forgotten I owned! I hardly miss the stuff and I rarely miss teaching, so overall I am just happy to help out a brand new teacher and gain some precious storage space =o) Now I need to have this attitude when tackling the closets and craft room that so desperately need cleaning.

Mikey’s favorite thing is to line up whatever he’s playing with into these long “trains” that span the whole family room. So here’s some pictures of Mikey and his new toys from mommy’s classroom teaching days!

5 thoughts on “Bittersweet Memories

  1. I sure love all the stuff you gave to me, and I’m very grateful! And, when you clean out your craft stuff, I’d be happy to take things off your hands. 🙂

  2. I remember those flags from when your class did that flag twirling Fourth of July talent show!

    And you TOTALLY helped me learn how to be a great teacher, too! You were an EXCELLENT role model and I’m so glad that I could student teach with you! Next year is my third year already- I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by!

  3. That’s so funny Heather that you remember, because I was totally wondering why I had so many flags?!? I couldn’t remember what the heck they were from and why I had so many left over. It’s all coming back to me now- they were from the 99 Cent Only Store and yes, singing “You’re a Grand Ole Flag” for the 4th of July, 3D Lady Liberties, making patriotic people and pictures to your military friend, ohh those were the days =o)

  4. my mom was/is a teacher and remember loving to play with those “blocks”/shapes that Mikey has. I even liked them into my teenage years, well I had to do something sitting in her classroom for hours while she did work….:O) brings back math memories!!! :O)

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