“Attention K Mart Shoppers”

My first job was at a grocery store and talking over the PA system was so much fun!  Ah, memories!!! Actually, that’s not the reason for this post.  K Mart is offering double coupons through Sunday at many locations nationwide.  So, I’m big into coupons- I clip them and hardly use them, just ask my dear hubby! That’s how I save money.  I clip coupons =o)  Well I spent all morning during naptime clipping and sorting coupons from the past month’s inserts and then headed to the closest Blue Light Special District in my town.  I never go there.  It’s seriously been ages!!  Lucky for me my hubby met me there  between jobs so we could cruise the aisles together.  I totally count this as a date!

K Mart Deals

K Mart Deals

I went in hoping to spend nothing, but then recalculated and was determined to spend less than $10 bucks.  You know those blogs where they show you a picture of what they purchased and then tell you they got it for a few pennies?  Well I’m not there yet, but I did start with a $35 total that dropped down to $11 and some change after swiping my coupons and having them double!  Swiper YES swiping!  At K Mart this week!  So, I got 15 items for 11 bucks.  Not too bad.  The deodorants were free after coupons actually. I was seriously hoping to get diapers for a decent price, but even with double coupons the price per diaper was still more that 20 cents each (a huge no no in Bargainville).

 I bought some: Multigrain Cheerios, 2 Taco shell dinner kits, Nature Valley granola bars, 2 deodorants, tuna fish packet, Snickers fun size, M & M fun size, Crest toothpaste, Cover Girl foundation and lipgloss, 2 Glade airfesheners, Glade carpet deodorizer!

So I think the real trick is to use more self control next time. I’ve never even used carpet powder freshener stuff, but it was a screaming deal- like 29 cents after my double coupon!!  I could have saved that spare change for something else!!!! 

So here’s to my rekindled relationship with coupons coupons coupons! Don’t use yours? I’ll take them!  Please!  I’m serious.  I’ll even babysit your kiddos if you’ll give me your coupon inserts from either the Sunday paper, the inserts that come with the Tuesday grocery ads in the mailbox or both sets! 

THRIFTY MAMA has a wonderful site about great deals and she has a very easy to read post (with pictures) about getting started with COUPONING as well.

2 thoughts on ““Attention K Mart Shoppers”

  1. I love coupons. Not even because I’m super cheap, I just love getting a good deal. Whenever Smith’s does that 8 for $8 sale, I end up getting like 12 things for $7- sometimes less. Go to mommysavers.com- you can print coupons from there. There are a bunch of other sites that are decent, but mommysavers is my favorite.

    However, diapers are the one thing I won’t scrimp on anymore. A couple of months ago I decided to try the Target brand, and it was a nightmare. EVERY SINGLE DIAPER leaked. I’d get my kid out of her seat and her shors would be soaked with pee, and her diaper hadn’t held any of it. And if she pooped? More blowouts than when she was a baby. Nope, I happily pay through the nose for Huggies now, and we haven’t had a single leak since.

  2. I love Target and Wal-mart diapers. We’ve not had a problem with them.
    Coupons are great! I just wish I had the discipline to use them. 🙂
    You should seriously try that carpet deodorizer. I used to use it all the time when we had carpet. It’s a great way to freshen up the room!

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