All Aboard!

So it’s February, getting close to Valentine’s Day, and my kid is wearing a Santa hat, jingle bell necklace, and jingle bell bracelets as he sadly whines for me to open back up the train set that has been finally put back in the box. It just happened last night- the start of us finally packing up Christmas in the front room! Better late than never!! We’ve only packed up the big train that was circling around the base of the Christmas tree. I had 2 clear plastic totes full of decorations, have taken a lot to the D.I., and I can’t figure out why now it will take 3 plastic totes to completely pack up the holiday decor. I don’t get this kind of math… is it geometry or algebra or maybe it’s like finite math with nothing finite about it!?!

Well since my kiddo is bored with taking ornaments on and off the tree I decided to go get him the new “un-Christmas” train that his wonderful Aunt Michelle got him just because it was on clearance at Target. (Her addiction to Target clearance toy racks is worth its own blog too, so one of these days I will do that)!

Well it’s been a whole day and Mikey is still playing with this train set. Luckily Daddy came home in good time and figured out how to get the tracks all together so it’s a continuous journey in a figure eight all through the living-room, up and down some hills, under some bridges… I didn’t think hubby could figure it out, but he surpassed my expectations for getting it all together without using the instruction manual!! He just assessed the pieces and walaa- came up with the layout for a pretty cool scenic ride for Mikey’s little train. He’s a pretty clever guy. Mikey’s pretty clever too! I guess Mikey is truly his father’s son when it comes to this complicated, put-it-together kind of stuff. They make a great team.

Now the question is: Will Mikey still be intrigued with the train tomorrow? Oh magic 8 ball, please tell me yes!!

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