Row Row Row Your Boat….

We’ve had a boat shaped little pool/ sandbox toy forever in the backyard and we finally used it this summer.  Mikey was so excited he stripped off his clothes including his swim shorts and got down to a diaper.  The crazy thing is that the water was cold and he didn’t seem to mind a bit.  He wanted someone to play in there with him so bad, but I’m a wimp and the water was too cold for even me!  He didn’t stay outside too long, but we at least got some cute pictures of our little water boy!  Look out Michael Phelps, Mikey is swimming your way in a few years!  Isn’t it crazy how white my kid is… and how fishlike Michael Phelps is?

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Well, not exactly. Last night I went to THE CHILDREN’S ORCHARD because a friend told me about their “$5.00 bag sale” that ran from 6-8pm. This store is one of those places where you can sell your kid’s gently used clothing and toys and buy gently used items for much cheaper than retail prices, even when the clothes are new and still have the original store tags on them.

So they passed out grocery sacks and you were allowed to grab and shove as many clothing items into the sack and only pay $5.00 for the entire bag when you were done. You just had to make sure the handles touched when you were holding the bag closed. The clothing items had to have the green tag though… I unfortunately had to empty my bag and start over upon learning the “green tag” rule, but I still make off with some great deals!

I found some church clothes and shoes, patriot ensembles, little rompers, and just plain cute stuff for the boys. They were in great condition too! Some items didn’t have the green tag so I had to pay the full price, but when all was said and done I spent $19 bucks and some change and got quite a few outfits that they can wear now and grow into. I am so excited for the size 2T church outfit I got for Mikey, because he had the exact same outfit in a size 6-9 months. This means I just might have boys matching in a few Sundays!! I call it their heart breaker ensemble- black pinstriped pants, white buttoned down shirt, red velvet vest, and a matching black necktie. I’m thinkin Christmas pictures might be formal this year =o)

So I want to know more about these type of places in Las Vegas and especially when stores offer these changing of the seasons/clearance/clear out sales!! Anyone know of any? My husband has to remind me often though that a person can go broke on a good deal…. I will admit I am getting better at not buying just because it’s on sale, but I might as well stock up for the next year and buy items when they’re dirt cheap!!! I do have self control. I do have self control. I do have self control!

Free Baby Formula and More!

I joined a new Yahoo group that was a branch off of a Freecycle group and they not only are offering kid’s items, but the moderator is posting sites where you can get FREE STUFF! No surveys, just enter in your contact info and wait a few weeks.  It’s worth a try!  I’ve copy and pasted the info from the group posts. Thanks moderator!!  Anyone else know of some good freebies?

Free Huggies wipes:

Free infant formula:
click the 5th tab on the top of page for free sample
fill in your info, and recieve in 2 to4 weeks

Free Johnson & Johnson New Baby Pack: contains literature, coupons and samples
toll free automated recording 1-800-526-3967
press #1
Press #1 again
Press #1 once more
Give them your contact info and you are done! Takes about 2 weeks to receive.

Free sippy cup:
click the special offers tab on the top right corner of the page.
Scroll down and in the middle of the page there is an option to recieve
a free sippy cup. Fill in your info, allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Free infant formula:
Click the samples tab in the top right corner, fill out your info, allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Free Playtex drop in bottle with liners:
go to the bottom right corner and select BPA FREE bottles. Fill out the
info and you will recieve 1 drop in bottle, 5 liners and a nipple. OH and no stupid surveys to fill out either!
Shipping: 6-8 weeks

Now if I could get some magic potty training potion or something for my toddler then we’d being doing even better.  Oh well!�

It’s Been 5 Months Since I Had This Kid…

So no scrapbook yet! I haven’t even looked hard at purchasing one! Maybe I should just give in to the digital scrapbooking craze…

Well little Joshy survived 2 1/2 hours of visiting teaching today =o) I had to wake him up from his nap, leave without feeding him or a diaper change, and as you can imagine he had a rough time! Don’t worry, I changed him and fed him at our 2nd stop and he let it be known to all that he does NOT like a bottle!!! Luckily I could make myself at home and give this little guy the real stuff!! I have such awesome visiting teachees or whatever you’re supposed to call them, all 7 of them this month!!!

So here’s looking at you Mr. 5 month old:

-must be teething, because our once happy boy now cries cries cries and chews on his fist constantly. I think it’s the whole 2 steps forward one step back routine going on right now

– tried rice cereal on Saturday and ate the whole serving no problem at all. He knew just what to do and shocked us all

-wears size 2 diapers and is pooping about every other day rather than once a week

-kicks and splashes so hard in the tub that even Mikey is a bit afraid of him now and mommy and daddy are drenched each and every night

-screams, squeals, screeches, and does everything LOUD, really LOUD

-giggles when tickled

-loves kids to play with him and strangers to hold him

-babbles during prayers and pipes up when you talk about Heavenly Father

– twists and turns all over in his crib

– can pull his link toys off and put them in his mouth

-has experienced Orajel and wasn’t too much of a fan

-Picked up a pen from the floor and put it in his mouth

– Still rolls from back to side, but not to tummy quite yet

– Is getting very strong legs since he kicks and pushes on everything he can

-Loves his big brother Mikey and will calm down when Mikey’s close

A Photo Tag

This is pretty cool! This is how you do it. Grab your camera and take these ten pictures: fridge, kitchen sink, laundry room, favorite room, favorite shoes, closet, toilet, what your kids are doing right now, self portrait, dream vacation. No cleaning, wiping, sweeping, or swishing allowed. Enjoy the pictures =o)

Fridge -leftovers on top, lunch grub and butter and spreads next, tortillas and cheese under that, large stuff on bottom. There is totally a method to the madness. Everything and I mean everything has a place!!

Open Sesame

Kitchen sink- Had a crowd a week ago and the big pots n pans are still here!! They’re rinsed out though so no stink going on!

Everything in the Kitchen Sink

Laundry room- I love this room too! It’s only missing a wash basin big sink, but I get along just fine!! My cool sign reads: LAUNDRY- drop your drawers here!

Hanging Laundry

Favorite shoes- my hubby’s sandals, because they have the right amount of cushioning for my feet =o) I seriously wear these while making food in the kitchen.

Toes, Where Are You?

Closet- It still has new house smell when you open it since we have hardly opened it in the year and a half we’ve lived here. We just stash stuff in here and luckily it doesn’t fall out, yet!

Games and More!

Toilet- Hubby gave me these cute xoxo towels for our first Valentine’s and I am so happy to have a place to put them. I love x’s and o’s. And it’s a good reminder that I should love him always… especially when I am 2nd to use the toilet in the morning…..

The Thrown

Kids- Just being kids!! Mikey is wearing is sticker badge he got from WalMart and picking out the next Dora movie he wants to watch. And here’s Joshy eating for the first time!

Officer MikeyTrying Rice Cereal

Self portrait- Well, hubby took the picture, but I’m in there!

Mommy and Her Boys

Dream Vacation- Somewhere nice and cozy where I can sleep through the night!!! Mountains, island, spa retreat… I don’t care I just really want a full night’s sleep!! I wish I had a picture of me catching some zzzz’s, but we’re still working on that!!

I tag all who want to take pictures of more than their kiddos!!

Chuck E. Cheese Please!!

Wow I haven’t unloaded pictures from my camera in quite a while! Patty’s neices were in town not too long ago and I asked Patty if they liked Chuck E. Cheese. They’re not little kiddos like my 2, but Chuck E. Cheese certainly appeals to kids of all ages, because the girls love Chuck E. Cheese! We had a cup bursting full of tokens from our Aunt Michelle that I was tired of looking at in my kitchen so we all went one day for lunch, shared the tokens, and had a really fun time! We still have tokens left over that we’re saving for a successful potty training day (not happening ANY time soon!!!) And I hear they give you free tokens when you go in at 10 am when they first open!!

It was Mikey’s first experience at Chuck E. Cheese and it was quite memorable! He’s a bit short for most of the traditional games, but he tried his hardest to shoot the basketballs, roll the balls down the chute, bonk the moles with the mallet, and all those classics! He really liked the big ride on toys and got to sit next to Barney, Bob the Builder, and Chuck E. Cheese himself!! He sort of mastered pulling out the tickets and I was not surprised at all when we took them to the prize booth to trade in for prizes- a sucker, stickers, and a stupid little lizard toy that sticks to the walls!! Here’s some pictures of our exciting little adventure which was followed by a very long nap in the car on the way home =o) We love Chuck E. Cheese!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Michelle

So today is Mikey’s favorite aunt’s birthday!! She gets to share the day with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics so the plan was to go to her house and eat Chinese food from our favorite Ho Ho Ho restaurant (the food is much better than the name) and watch the Opening Ceremonies. Yeah, well, she went to St. George and then snuck back to Vegas to go to work and didn’t even tell us she was in town. Whatever!!! So no Chinese celebration at her house, but we still love her!!

Top 10 reasons why we love Aunt Michelle:

10- she lives in Vegas and we know her garage code and alarm code to get in the house

9- she totally pays for take out whenever we want to come over

8- she has an endless supply of M&Ms in her cupboard within a toddler’s reach

7- she’s not afraid of poopy diapers, screaming babies, or the messes they make

6- she’s a bargain shopper, will buy anything because it was a good deal, and then gives it to us a year after she bought it because it’s taking up room in her house

5- let’s us help her hang pictures, organize cupboards, run cables and wires throughout the house. And she loves our homemade quilting and crafting abilities that are slowly adorning her home

4- has great “discussions” with Mike about opposing views in politics, religion, ethics, and all the grey matter in between

3- has multiple copies of DVDs so it’s okay to borrow a few and keep them for extended periods of time

2- will buy train pieces to add to Mikey’s collection of Geo Trax and has as much fun with them as he does

1- gives the best Christmas presents- some day (hopefully before next Christmas) she’s going to take us to Dream Dinners and we won’t have to cook our dinners for a week!! Such a treat!

July 2008

I’ve Been Tagged!

Four random things I like about my husband:
1. He laughs at me and makes me laugh.
2. He gets Mikey out of the tub, lotioned up, into pjs, reads scriptures, and puts Mikey to bed every night!
3. He is pretty passionate about food storage right now so we both enjoy grocery shopping =o)
4. He has such a strong testimony, vast knowledge of everything related to the gospel, and genuine love for others that I really learn things from him.  I learn church trivia type stuff, but more importantly I learn from his example and wise words about not being so critical of others, how I can best help others, and he teaches me a lesson or two quite often using his good ole’ parables =o)

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Courtesy Clerk at Smith’s (loved my farmer’s tan from pushing carts in the Vegas heat!)
2. Reading Tutor (while in college I read with elem. school students and got paid!!)
3. Math Tutor (I was a tutor in the math lab in college and helped those dear students understand math…. To this day I am still surprised I did this… I never thought I was good at math!!)
4. 3rd Grade Teacher- (do we see a pattern yet?)

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. Shrek 2
2. Dora’s Pirate Adventures
3. Living Scriptures DVD
4. Elmo in Grouchland (can you guess who knows how to work the DVD player, tv, and remote?)

Four TV shows I watch:
1. anything on HGTV
2. Scrapbook Memories
3. Ashley Paige- Bikini or Bust (I’ve only watched it once and I’m hooked!)
4. Big Love- well actually I don’t watch it any more, but I really miss it and kind of want to watch it again

Four places I have been:
1. Mexico
2. Montana
3. South Padre Island
4. Ferron, UT

Four people who e-mail me regularly:
1. hubby
2. mom
3. RS President
4. The Coupon Mom to tell me of great deals each week at Smith’s

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Pasta noodles
2. Twizzlers licorice
3. Desserts- chocolate anything, cheesecake, ice cream, etc.
4. Hubby’s chicken parmasean

Four places I would like to visit:
1. NY and maybe meet Stacy and Clinton with a big fat check to go shopping =0)
2.  Some nice little island where they pamper you and make you feel like royalty
3. Denmark
4. Africa and go on a safari

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1.  my kids being able to play with each other
2. My hubby being that much closer to finishing his degree
3. Going to visit my parents in September and get a ton (literally) of melons from Green River
4. Maybe going on a little family vacation

Four People I tag:
1. Jodi
2. Emily
3. Mona-Kay
4. Denise