Summer Lovin’

Pink Ladies

So this is a picture of Patty, me, and Mandy!! We are all SUU graduates who moved to Vegas to be teachers and ended up teaching at the same school for a while. They invited me to dinner to take a break from the boys and we made it a Pink Ladies’ Night and got quite a few stares! So we each wore a pink shirt, khaki knee length modest shorts, and sunglasses on our head! We headed to Applebee’s just to chat more than anything! Sometimes it’s so much fun just to get away and hang with friends for dinner and girl talk =o)

Thanks gals for the fun evening!! Now if I could just get you 2 married off to keep my end of the bargain, right??

It’s Been 4 Months Since I Had This Kid…

Time is flying and I am so happy! I think the newness of having a newborn has finally worn off and we are slowly transitioning into the infant stage. He’s getting bigger and able to do more and he’s just such a little cutie pie! Here’s some cool milestones that will eventually make it into that scrapbook I keep putting off:

– 14 lbs

-24 3/4 inches long

– smiles and giggles (Mikey was the first one to get him to laugh)

– wears size 2 diapers

– rolls from his back to side, but not quite to his stomach, yet!

– grabs dangling toys and tries to eat them

– grabs hair and gently pulls

– likes to eat his toes, fingers, blanket, anything he can grab!!

– is entertained by Mikey playing with toys

– let’s out a high pitched squeal when you pick him up and he’s happy- it’s loud!!

– isn’t afraid of Mikey and all the hugs and kisses he has to offer

– takes naps in his crib (finally), but prefers the car seat for most of the night

– rubbed out most of his hair; he has a Donald Trump comb over on top and a little bit of fuzz on the sides

– is overall a happy healthy baby who we just love to show off!

My Fresh and Easy Review

So we keep getting these coupons in the mail for $5 off of your $20 dollar purchase at the new Fresh and Easy grocery store that is right by our church.  What the heck, the boys will fall asleep in the car on the way home, and so we went there today to check it out and use our coupon =o) 

So my first dilemma was where to park- in the hybrid parking only space or the adult with children space??  Yeah, a special spot for people who drive hybrids AND a special spot if you have kids!?!?  I thought about double parking, but I picked the adult with kids spot because it was closer.


Note to self- you’re supposed get a shopping cart before you enter the store!!

Well the first thing I see caught my fancy and I had to make a desperation call to hubby during his LDS networking meeting today to tell him my excitement: “Honey, they have 24 packs of bottled water for only $1.99 which is a screaming deal!”  (The normal sale price anywhere I’ve ever seen is $2.99 for the same size and amount of bottled water). “And they have pretty packs of strawberries for only 94 cents too!” 

I could go on and on about their great organic food items, how they are really environmentally friendly with their special lighting that uses less energy than most places, and their friendly cashier person,  or tell you about their little recycling station where you can bring in your items from home to put in their recycling bins, or maybe about their great selection of produce and a really reasonable price, and lets not forget their trendy cloth reusable bags to put your groceries in, BUT I’m not into all that really.  I was actually pretty happy that their plastic grocery sacks were larger than my normal grocery chain, because they’ll be a great fit in my bathroom trash cans or for wrapping up poopy diapers, because that’s how we “go green” by reusing things at my house! 

The place has the best deal in town on bottled water!!!!  Is anyone else finding this ironic that the trendy green earth friendly store is selling bottled water way below their competitors???

Regardless, we are going back often (until the 22nd when their Grand Opening Specials are through) to buy our limit of 5 packs of bottled water to help our water storage.  Water for $1.99 people is a great deal!!  And the grocery store was a cute little place too, but definitely not replacing my normal store (Smith’s, in case you were wondering).

Happy 4th of July!

Red Cliffs, St. George

Sorry for the late post.  I have issues uploading pictures!

So we went to St. George to visit family for the long weekend and had quite a blast (ha ha). Mikey got to meet his girl cousins who were visiting from New Mexico and he got along pretty well with them. Last time they all were together the girl cousins wanted to trade their youngest sister for Mikey, because he was cute I think was their reasoning.

We love Duplo Blocks    Suzy and Josh

Well I won the annual hand in the bucket of ice water contest- again!! I almost missed it, but they let me join in a bit late and I held my hand in there a few minutes longer to make up for being late. Breathing techniques learned in birthing classes really helped me out=o) At least they were good for something!

Ice bucket contest      Junior ice bucket contest

Mikey and I went swimming and he really became comfortable with the water, jumping in, going under the water, and walking down the stairs to get into the pool. We had such a great time bonding together. Mike kept the baby inside so Mikey and I played outside for hours!!


I didn’t get a picture, but I made homemade ice cream and it was such a hit with everyone! We’ve had the ice cream maker since our wedding, but we didn’t get it out of the box until about 2 weeks ago! The nieces and nephews absolutely loved it and begged me to make more. They didn’t even let it harden up, they ate it soft serve style.

So Mikey was afraid of the fireworks so he stayed inside and watched from the window. He’s such a cute boy! He still says “me afraid of the big fireworks” but requests we go to Gamma’s so he can go swimming and watch some more fireworks!

The best view

As with any vacation it’s so much fun to get away, but oh so nice to get home and sleep in your own bed!

I Love to See the Temple!

So last night our ward had a temple sealing assignment and we went!!  We actually found a nice babysitter and went on a date!!  The babysitter is in our ward, has kids, works with me in RS, and actually offered to babysit since we were struggling to find enough couples to fill the assignment.  Having our kids go to someone other than family or close friends is a first!!  And guess what?  We loved it and the kids loved it!  We took them pizza and homemade ice cream for dinner!  I think we’re moving up in the world when we’re finally coming to terms that we NEED to let our kids go to a babysitter so we can go out!

The temple was wonderful!  We fulfilled the assignment with another sweet couple from our ward who run the nurseries and do such a great job!  They definitely had their prayers answered while attending last night and it was a very special experience to be there with them.  There were so many other couples there to do sealings that they had to make us wait for a sealer to finish a wedding AND they had to call a sealer to come in to work, because of the tremendous amount of people!!  Yahoo for Friday night’s temple attendance!

And this morning I slept in until 10am with little Josh right next to me so he wouldn’t disturb my sleep too much when he got hungry.  Oh I feel energized and nice!   I haven’t slept in this late since maybe college?!?!

So I think we’re ready to find a date night swapping couple who have kids, live close, and aren’t afraid of our little boy angels =o)  I think we’d like to go do this temple thing a bit more often or just go out together alone to go shopping.  What are some memorable dates you’ve had with your spouse??  Any takers who want to swap Friday nights?