It’s Been 2 Months Since I Had This Kid

Josh and Daddy Josh at 2 months 

I can’t believe how big Josh is getting and how fast time is going by.  I don’t mind at all!  He sure is a cute little guy and we’re slowly starting to get glimpses of his little personality.  I think he’s going to be a social butterfly, talking to anyone who will listen, and willing to lend a ear if you just want to talk.  Here are a few milestones for the unfinished (not even started) scrapbook:

-Weighed 12 lbs. 6 oz at his 2 month check up.  Quite some growing from the little 7 lb babe he used to be

– Gives some big smiles to whomever is holding him- cousin Laura, Grandma, mommy, daddy…

– Does not like a wet diaper at all!  And boy can he fill them up fast.  Only 2 blowouts so far, so we’re feeling lucky if it’s only a once a month occurrence. 

– Coos and gurgles to no end.  He’s already telling stories and babbles when Mikey asks him to say the prayer.  It’s really interesting stuff he has to tell!

– Starting to be amused on his play mat, in his swing, and in the bouncy chair by the hanging toys.  He really likes to look at them and will stay content for quite a while.

– Blows lots of spit bubbles. 

– Enjoys taking a bath and having warm water all around. He doesn’t fuss at all.  He even pooped once in the tub!  A first for these parents!! 

– Stays asleep during car rides.  This is a good sign since we’re planning a 5 hour trip to Utah to visit grandparents.

“Mommy Tag”

1. What time do your kids get up? Anywhere between 7 and 9 am. Today it was closer to 9am and it was so nice to sleep in this morning.

2. On a good night, what time do they go to bed? Somewhere around 8:30pm

3. How long have I been a mom? a little over 2 years

4. How old was I when I became a mom? 24

5. What is my fav. kids show? Super Why or Word World or Signing Time on PBS. Least fav kids show? Wonder Pets

7. Fav. chore? Folding laundry I think.  Oh no no no. I love to mow the lawn.  It’s so refreshing.

8. Fav. meal to cook? mac n cheese

9. What’s the meal cooked most often? spaghetti or mac n cheese 

10. What’s the kids favorite? spaghetti, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets

11. What’s my fav. thing that I do with the kids? Reading to them, playing the fish matching game, just being silly with them

12. What are the 5 things that make me smile while being a mom?
*when they give me sweet hugs
*when they want mommy and not daddy
*when they want daddy to change their diaper                                      *knowing one day they will go to school
*just being with them and knowing that they trust me so much

13. Where do I want to take them someday? Disneyland

14. When was the last time I went out without the kids? Wednesday evenings for a RS presidency mtg.  I love the little break every week.

15. One thing you said you’d never do as a mom? Let them sit in front of the tv for hours each day…. oh well =o)

16. Fav. past time with the kids? Going for walks to the park

17. Fav. quality that my mom has? She is such a help with cooking and cleaning when a new kiddo is born.  She’s very dependable and she loves being a grandma.

18. Advice for new moms? You don’t really need to wake your newborn every 2 hours to feed them.  Give them Tylenol before their doctor’s visit to get shots.

19. What’s a scary or heartbreaking moment you’ve had? I hate changing diapers after those circumcisions. And I remember when Mikey didn’t poop for 10 straight days when he was little and it was scary to go out and about just knowing a blowout beyond no comparison was due any time.  He finally pooped while we were with daddy helping him with a job (mobile computer repair at an attorney’s office).  It was a mess to say the least.  Josh hasn’t pooped in 3 days currently.  So that’s a little scary too!

20. When was the last time the kids said I love you, mom? This morning while we were making a ton of diaper cakes Mikey gave me a hug and in his little toddler language said “I love you mom!”  It makes you melt.

I tag all the mommies out there =o)

5 Golden [Hours]

Of sleep that is.  Joshy has 2 nights in a row slept for 5 hours at the first part of the night.  And last night was fabulous- 5 hours between feedings and then 4 hours between feedings.  That puts little Miss Mommy up at 2am and 6am!  Not too bad really.  So we’re making progress =O) 

Does anyone have one of those angelic kids that slept through the night at 3 months???  I’m hoping that Josh will do that, but I’m just letting him call the shots as for sleeping and waking right now.  He’s almost 2 months old which is going by so fast that it’s wonderful…. I’m all ready for him to hold his head up, crawl, eat Cheerios.   I’m not too much a fan of this newborn stage, but it does make for cute pictures!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

So kids are great and the toy market is even greater!! It is possible to have too many toys and too many books I think, so I really like the idea of rotating toy bins! Well I was just thinking about my fave things that Mikey has and thought I would share them (in no particular order):

Mr. Potato Head- perfect for hours of fun at home and at church and helping to fine tune those motor skills Mr. Potato Head
Tupperware’s shape sorter- the classic shape sorting toy Tupperware Shape sorter
GeoTrax Train set (the possibilities are endless)- we are seriously trying to get the whole city 1 little station at a time. Mikey can put the tracks together and work the remotes to make the trains move too! Geo Trax train
Baby Einstein videos- I sure wish I thought of this… I’d be rich!! Baby Einstein
Signing Time on PBS every day- It’s Signing Time with Alex and Leah! Educational and fun, hooray! Signing Time
Step Stools- Well they are good for getting onto the potty, but sometimes Mikey is smart and uses them to turn on the lights, reach the treats/ toys/ books that are on the kitchen island, or sometimes he just sits on it and reads a book. Step Stool
Wooden ABC blocks- He got these for his 1st Birthday and loves to build towers. These also taught him how to read letters and numbers and now he’ll spell words with them. ABC blocks
Large outside play equipment- When a crowd and all their kids come over we just send the little ones outside to play. You have to try really hard to break these big toys! Swing set
Melissa and Doug toys- These are like classic brightly painted wooden toys that are great for endless play time. Mikey has some puzzles, blocks, and the tool box which is his favorite so far. Every little guy needs his own set of tools! Melissa and Doug toys

Explorathon Toy Laptop- Mikey loves to play on his laptop while we are each using our own laptops. It has spelling, music, and counting games that he can do and a mouse that really clicks! We found it at Kmart back before Christmas and for $19.99 we think it’s a great investment.  We still help him a lot with spelling games, but there are a few games that he can do by himself.  The only downside is that it isn’t a QWERTY keyboard, the letters are in ABC order.

Explorathon laptop

What are your kid(s) favorite toys that I should introduce to my toddler?  It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping for my household.  I finally have a central location for gifts so I don’t forget about them throughout the year!!

Ooh Eee Ooh, Killer Tofu!

Not really, but I remembered this song from the cartoon Doug that used to be on Nickelodeon back in the day and it stuck. 

Tofu however, is not sticky.  It’s actually kind of spongy and wobbly and not very tasty looking.  I’m not even sure how the heck tofu came to be, but I have ventured into the land of vegetarian cooking and I have, my friends, experienced tofu.


Not like eat it plain right out of the plastic box all soaked in water, but as a really ingenious substitute for ricotta cheese in lasagna.  Lasagna rolls to be exact.  I thought I’d try out a meatless recipe since we have meat in some way shape or form (as long as it’s ground beef, chicken, or pork chops) for dinner every single night.  So I must say it was really dang good!  You would have no idea that was tofu in there, because it crumbled up and looked and tasted just like ricotta cheese!  My hubby and toddler even ate it and had no problems with it!  The cooked spinach had more of a slight “weird” flavor that popped through a few times, but nothing weird about the tofu.  This was an easy recipe to follow (as long as you get your ingredients together before you start cooking!) and it looks so fancy when you’re done!  A definite thumbs up for vegetarian lasagna rolls and it fed us for 2 meals.

Give tofu a chance!!  Try it in this easy lasagne roll recipe:

I don’t even know the whole deal with using tofu-  it’s healthier or something and made from soybeans, whatever those are!?!  I just wonder when we’re surviving on our year supply of food storage, how the heck are you supposed to get tofu in there and all the other “market fresh” stuff?  Can you imagine storing a year supply of tofu??