I Just Want to be Your TEDDY BEAR!

So BABY BEAR gets capital letters, because he is officially a part of this little growing family.  I got this Baby Bear thing as a baby shower gift from a former teacher colleague who I worked with when I was prego with Mikey.  Well Mikey has become attached (literally) to this footless teddy bear who is basically a Winnie the Pooh Bear head attached to a soft blanket.  Every where Mikey goes, Baby Bear is there too!  Yesterday I found Baby Bear laying by the toilet in the bathroom- GROSS!!!! So luckily I snatched Baby Bear away today long enough to send him through the laundry and air dry without Mikey seeing.

Well, along came the tears today, because a best friend couldn’t find his bear buddy even though I told him Baby Bear was in the laundry room.  Let’s just say it was a nice clean happy reunion!

Ask Mikey who his best friend is and he’ll either say “daddy” or “Baby Bear”. And if you ask Mikey who Mommy’s boys are, he’ll say “Daddy, Baby Josh, me, and Baby Bear.  Momma has 4 boys!”

So if you’re wondering why that silly old bear is in so many pictures, it’s because he holds a special place in this family as the best friend to a little boy who’s world was turned upside down when the arrival a new little sibling came to our house.  Baby Bear has been there for Mikey when his tired worn out parents have turned their attention the the screaming kid rather than the calm little angel who is yearning for attention. Thank you Baby Bear for being there always for Mikey.

Baby Bear

On another note.  I’ve been inspired by all the people who do photography on the side (man there’s a ton of you) and so I read the entire owners manual/ users guide for my awesome camera today.  I love my camera, I just don’t know how to use it entirely.  So I want to take classes really really bad!  Maybe more than having my hubby do all those nice things like the guys pictured in my previous blog entry.  I did get excited to figure out how to take black and white pictures, but have 1 color still show through.  Baby Bear is a good model because he holds still really well!  So here’s what I did today just to try out my new found technique.  I could get excited about this photography stuff.

Elmo’s World!

So Mikey is really fond of Elmo even though we haven’t watched Sesame Street is a really long time.  I saw these shirts at Babies R Us and just had to get them.  I didn’t think I would be a fan of matching sibling clothes, but I really think it’s cute!  My little mosters!!

Grandma came down and saw Mikey’s affection towards Elmo and insisted on making him some Elmo bibs and an Elmo blanket.  I’m sure the Elmo big boy undies are in the works too, but I’m not holding my breath.

So here’s to little monsters who look oh so cute and keep me on my toes with their monster messes every single day.  

It’s Been 1 Month Since I Had This Kid….

Oh my gosh I can’t believe that my life is so splendid!! Well, maybe not all the time, but it rhymes well.

So Joshy has been a part of lives for 1 whole month now so I figure I better write down some memories before I forget (b/c we know I won’t be starting his scrapbook any time soon and I tend to forget easily!)

Josh was 7 pounds even and was rushed to the NICU right after he was born. He only had to stay for about an hour. For being rushed up there for being pale (along with some weird fingernail thing, and a cyst) I swear the nurses put him in a tanning bed, b/c he came back looking as “dark” as that guy who does the baked wheat thins commercial…. You know that fake bake look?? His name slips me right now, but I will find out who that actor is.

Josh also had jaundice in the beginning which made him a yellowish color (once the fake bake wore off), poop 3 times at every feeding, and sleep like you wouldn’t believe!! The nurses would come in every 3 hours to wake me up to feed him since he wasn’t waking up by himself usually. They surprisingly didn’t send us home with a little light box thing though.

Now that we’ve been home for 1 whole month, here’s some highlights I’m posting so some day I can transfer them to a scrapbook:

– He averages 3 hours of sleep between feedings. It seems like 4 hours between feedings during the day and 2x he has slept for 5 hours during the night (what a treat for every one!!)

– For whatever reason, he would only nurse on one side. Depressed, but determined to not be lopsided and connected to a breast pump for the next year I went to see a lactation consultant! I called Family to Family Connection (a non profit place that was listed on my resource sheet from the hospital) and these people are angels!! They know their stuff! After 2 weeks of not giving up, he finally mastered the left out left side and now I’m feeling much better about the whole nursing thing. I was so close to just giving up and giving in to formula, but glad I hung in there.

– Still wearing Newborn sized diapers, but we’re getting really close to being in size 1! So far we have had no blow outs up the back or out the legs, but maybe those will come with time. Diapers are such cool inventions! They hold so much, well, crap!

– Still has his dark hair- very close to my hair color. We joke that this one is mama’s boy and Mikey is daddy’s boy, because of their hair color. Mikey’s hair was pretty dark, turned red, and now is blonde like those kids in Utah!

– Doesn’t fit in clothes very well. 0-3 month clothes will probably fit him closer to the 3 month mark. Although he’s gaining weight like crazy (1 lb in 2 weeks) he is still really little and drowns in onsies. We have soooo many baby clothes that are just waiting for him to get a little bit longer so he can wear them proudly.

– Enjoys sitting in the bouncy seat as long as Mikey is close by and entertaining him.

– Loves to be held and nap in mama’s arms, especially if I sing to him. One day, I seriously held him the whole day unless I had to change a diaper or something…. That was the night he slept for 5 hours. Coincidence?!?

– Makes the cutest coos and gurgle sounds. He said “hi” back to me once….. And thank goodness he doesn’t cry and scream as loud as he did when he came out! Oh I was scared!

– When in doubt, keep on burping. He takes forever to burp that you might as well let him fall asleep on your shoulder and keep patting his back. The little burp, or occasionally a very loud one, will come out eventually.

Looking back I would say it takes a good 3 weeks to get used to having a new little one around and get used to all that goes along with him- diapers, feedings, cryings, burp cloths for spit up and blankets for swaddling all over the house! We’re sort of in a little routine now and for the most part we all now what to expect from little Joshy. I seriously was thinking “what do I do every night when I need to eat supper?” I really can’t remember if I’ve been holding him while I eat, or if he’s sleeping in the swing while we’re at the table. It’s amazing how fast time goes by and how things around the house and dealing with the other members of the family all get done in their own time. Even though life will never be like it used to- 1 kid, sleeping through the night (sigh), a little more freedom to come and go when ever- I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! So far, so good in the house of boys and 1 gal =o)

Holy Crap!

Toilet Buddies

Mikey just went pee pee in the potty! Mike’s been setting him on there for a while now every night before his bath. Well Mikey says he’s going, but we all get bored and so straight into the tub he goes- only to pee in there as soon as the water turns on!! May this be the beginning of a new found interest and may we have a clean successful attempt each and every day. Yeah right, who am I fooling!! I am so dreading this whole potty training thing, more because of the cleaning up accidents and stuff like that. I’ve read your blogs- I’m not doing a potty dance this soon. This was just by chance I am afraid. Any tips for potty training? We bought one of those little potty seats that fits on the regular toilet seat (I am never ever ever cleaning out one of those little fake toilets that sits next to the real toilet. That is soooooo gross I just couldn’t do it!) only to find out that we have long oval toilet seats and the little round potty seat has quite a weird fit when it’s sitting on the real toilet seat. It works, but I forsee many “misses” because of the gaps. Wish us luck with the start of something wonderful. A rite of passage maybe.

I Would Walk 500 Miles…

Blogging is so much fun!  I think I enjoy reading others’ blogs and following the links to all their friends (c’mon I know you do it too!) to see what strangers and long lost people I know are doing in their lives and pick off some cute ideas for my blog. 

I’ve managed to find a ton of people from my home ward growing up, some people who were in previous wards, and there are quite a few people in my current ward who have blogs!  And then there’s the total strangers I’ve come to meet through blogging.  I never thought some of these people would be the blogging type, but that goes to show you what I know!!

I must say that some people have no fears of identity theft, crazy stalkerish people, or the chance that posting too much info just might get you into some trouble down the line.  I haven’t posted as many pics as I’d like because I too have a small “fear” of my site getting into the wrong hands or attracting the wrong kind of people.  Hello, no stalkers please!!

I’m so surprised at the many pictures of houses with nearly everything listed just shy of the street address, families names and birthdays listed, and pictures of naked kiddos!  Are people really that naive to think that nothing bad can or will happen or am I just overly cautious and leery when I see this stuff?  Don’t get me wrong, I am finding that I too have posted too much info myself and haven’t removed it, but I guess when I see it on others’ sites then it makes me realize how unsafe it could be.  There are some psychos out there that would trek 500 miles to your city,  find your house, and do who knows what to your family, so people please…. be more careful and cautious when you post!!  

I guess the easy fix would be to only allow my blog to have log in access, but then how would all you wonderful people find my blog and catch up on my little ole life?  Hmmm.  I’m allowing all to view freely; no restrictions here and hopefully not any time soon!

Boys Will Be Boys

So I have finally made some time to take some pictures. I guess it’s more like I finally have some clothes for Joshy that fit him decent (thanks for the cute onsies Grandma) and I have actually gotten him dressed in them.

He’s been sporting those long sleeved snap shirts with the built in mittens for days now that you get free from the hospital. So today Josh got dressed in real clothes and I got Mikey all dressed up in his sports themed outfit as well.


So here’s to tee ball games, Saturday soccer practice, and all the great adventures that my boys have to offer in the near future. Until then, we’ll just pose on daddy’s recliner with our real toy props and pretend we’re at the picture studio having our professional photos taken- minus the price. Don’t get me wrong, I love Picture People and their signature white background, but sometimes home is the best place to get some super cute candids.