Money, Money, Money, Mon-ey…. Mo-ney!

Mikey’s cute act for the day was when I went to get him from his nap, all his clothes were off except for his diaper. I guess he got too hot in the cute Tigger sweatsuit he wore today and stripped down to his “undies”. He was pretty happy though- he slept for 3 hours today which was nice. And when we ran out of cookies one day he started saying “buy more.” Smart kid huh? Buy more cookies! And we’ve started giving him pennies that he loves to put in his bottle piggy bank. He asks for more and we tell him that daddy has to go to work to make more money. So now after Mikey runs out of pennies each day, he looks at Mike and says “work more daddy”. Funny huh? He’s already figured out this money thing that so many of us are still trying to grasp. I love this kiddo.

With a Moo Moo Here

So in my despiration to get home quickly I stopped at the beautiful new Wal Mart Neighborhood market because it was on the same side of the street as I was driving. Granted I have never been one, I was in a hurry and needed my precious white liquid to quench my thirst- milk.

So even though I am totally impressed that a WalMart of all places could stay so spotless and neat and clean and just beautiful on the outside and inside of their store, I will no longer shop there…. Why you ask? Because their cows are different from my normal Smith’s cows and the WalMart milk tastes disgusting!! Not like sat-in-the-car too long gross, but just a weird taste that I just can’t get used to and honestly, I don’t want to. So I’ve been getting my moo milk from Smith’s for nearly a year now and I just can’t believe how much I appreciate it now. I am only shopping at Smith’s because I am guaranteed great milk =o) Maybe it’s a weird pregnancy taste bud enhanced thing, but I’m not going to chance it any more.

Now what I would like to do is start going more wholesome and using food storage to “prepare for my flood before it starts pouring down”. I want to start using powdered milk. I have memories from my childhood and it was aweful, but I am willing to give it another shot. WalMart cows- not willing to give it another shot. There are some things you just have to let go of, and for me it is WalMart milk.

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Teach and Preach and Work Like Missionaries Do

So it’s a Monday evening and I’m still soaring up in the clouds from a left over Sunday spiritual high if you will. It was the best day yestday and today was such a good day too! You know things are pretty hectic for the Mission Mormonaries when the first thing they ask you when they come into your house for dinner is if they can have a tall glass of water and pain killers… big pain killer medicine to knock out their killer headaches from a Sabbath very shy of being a day of rest. Our ward had 15 investigators in sacrament meeting- way to go Nellis Manor Ward! The poor missionaries then had about 5 mtgs at 2 bldgs and didn’t even have time for lunch. Those poor guys. We’re totally bringing them some pb+j sandwiches next Sunday.

Well I had a mtg. with Stake Edu councelor to go over the literacy program that we’ll get to start teaching to members who want to improve their reading and writing abilities. It was awesome! Hello, former teacher right here and a pro and scripted literacy programs that have workbooks, pictures and sight word cards. I am so excited!

And would you believe I had my own missionary moment today? I forgot the pass along card I meant to grab, but after picking up my “wanted: ribbon for crafting” freecycle items today I sent the person a quick thank you email and included the link to let her know a little about my beliefs. In previous emails where she sent her contact info so I could come get my freecycle items I told her I was using the ribbon for church stuff- I make diaper cakes for the sisters having babies and tie ribbon around them. She responded with a few links about herself and a prayer ebook site she had set up. I was scared to send her the link for fear I would get a nasty nasty email about, well, everything totally not true about the church and me being a loon, but she was so happy. She was going to use it as a reference to check how and what we believed on certain issues. She had positive past experiences with people who were Mormon and so the seed has been planted and she now has the link to check out at her own will. I am so excited at my accomplishment. I could do it again. My goal is to give out a pass along card next time. We’ll see how I do.

So my life is good right now. I can’t complain. My kiddo turns 2 next week which is so crazy. He’s going to be a terrible 2 year old who refuses to take naps and gets xrayon all over the walls I bet. We’ll see. I really can’t complain. Like I said earlier, life is really going well. It helps to do all those small and simple commandments that we often overlook and then scramble to do when we come across hard times.

Wishin and Hopin and Thinkin…

My very favorite movie of all time is My Best Friend’s Wedding and I really love the sound track although I haven’t listened to it since the good ole college days. So by bff is getting married this month. Well I guess technically my new bff replaced my old bff when I got married… Are you following this? When you get married, your outlook on life and your circle of friends tends to change to those who are more like you- married. Well my bff from Junior High (go Gibson Scotts) is getting married at the end of the month and I’m not invited b/c it’s a small family deal at some fancy golf club in town. But I am totally okay! Yes maybe a little bummed for 1 second, but I don’t talk to this old bff, but like once a year around Christmas anyways. He was bummed I didn’t send him my world famous peanut butter balls (totally worth another blog some day). So on my way home from picking up freecycle stuff (totally worth its own blog… I’ll do that later too) I called my old bff and we chatted from 95 and Trop to 95 and Decatur! It was so fun catching up and it’s amazing how people really change over time. I wish my bff and his new wife the best of luck and a happy healthy marriage.

What’s funny is hubby wants to name baby #2 the same name as my old bff and I am more willing to do that now…. maybe. Hubby has the whole name picked out and it just so happens to be the first name of this really great bff of mine from hs and stuff. The old bff sure liked the idea. Who wouldn’t want their friend to name a kid after them? All I got to say is these people better pull through when I need a sitter. I mean come on! I name my kid after you and you babysit! Hmm, I might be on to something here. Anyone else want a kid named after them? All you got to do is babysit!! I don’t know if hubby will get to name this kid the name he wants. As I recall he named the first one (after himself!!!) and so I get to name the rest. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens in March.

Happy New Year!

So am I lame or what? Yesterday it didn’t click until the plumber was in the garage assessing the water damage and drying time of our wall and asked me what we were doing to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Oh, that was last night?!? Well since Mike got a very nasty case of food poisoning over the weekend we had nothing planned for the big evening of fireworks and festivities and it’s probably a good thing. I was in bed at 9pm last night and asleep, totally zonked out, really soon after. I remember waking up and asking Mike what time it was and if the fireworks were going off. It was only 10pm and no fireworks yet!! Needless to say I slept through the whole night, missed the fireworks, but slept oh so well. Sometimes life will do that to you- require you to just take a step back, let you body be in control, and go to bed hours earlier than normal. It was great!!! I love a good night’s sleep. Totally worth missing all the hype and hooplah for the changing of the year. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and still feel like I’m in my first trimester when it comes to getting sleep. The truth is, I only have 2 1/2 more months of lugging this front load around, but the tiredness it causes makes me so groggy and unmotivated to clean and take care of anything related to house work. The moral of the story- listen to your body and go to bed early =o) That sounds like a great resolution to me!! Happy 2008 everyone!