Who are the People in Your [Family]?

So we went down to the Meadows Mall this morning to take our annual family pictures at The Picture People. Can I just tell you how cute my kid is? I only bother buying family pictures so people will know who his parents are. So Mikey refused to smile, but rather pulled these sly grins that actually looked really cute on camera. Now that The Picture People have gone digital, they can turn horizontal pictures into vertical and vice verca. It’s so cool! So Mikey was riding and posing on a little Red Flyer car and they zoomed in on his face. It looks like he was saying, “uh oh” and so of course we had to get one of those for Grandma Cox. The little car wasn’t even in the picture… that’s what’s so funny. The best ones were just close ups. The Picture People are nearly part of our family. They sure can capture great moments to preserve!

When I was growing up, my mom was an apt. manager. The great perks came from residents who worked at cool places and one of these people was a manager at The Picture People. Well the bond has been tight ever since. Graduation, Family, Bridals, My own little growing Cox Family… all taken at The Picture People. Their style is so candid and the colors are so vivid. I love it. So I only go when I get my 20% flyer in the mail and yahoo- I got one in Sept. and one in Oct. Now I just have to debate whether to take Mikey back or not. I bought enough to send out for Christmas I think, but you get a free 10×13 which is totally worth going back for. Oh decisions decisions. I love my family.

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