So I was a teacher at a “Reading First” school where we were told what to teach, how to teach, what to use to teach, and when the admins came in at 9:17 I better be 17 minutes into my lesson- teacher’s edition in hand, standing in the front, with a direct teaching approach going on. Life isn’t scripted and neither is teaching on most days! It was awful, we hated our reading program, and it made us all angry and hostile when admins even suggested we get together to discuss what we were doing wrong!!

Well, now I’m going to work for this once awful reading program that we all despised so much. Can I just say what an amazing turn around? I get to use my anger, frustration, and personal classroom experience to help train other classroom teachers how use the program more successfully. Who would have thought that something good could come from something bad? I am really excited to say I am a Harcourt rep going into schools to help ease the burden of teaching Trophies, the basal reading program, to others who are going through what I went through. So I just have to wonder if I am a traitor for hating it so much and now working for the same company that made my life so miserable? It’s not the program but the delivery and unrealistic expectations that really had us steamed up I now know. None-the-less, I still have freedom to stay home with little Mikey and pick the days and hours I want to be a presenter. And that’s a good thing =o)

1 thought on “Traitor?

  1. Maybe you are a traitor, but I tend to look at is as fixing a problem. I think you may be able to do a lot of good for the other teachers out there that have felt the same way you did about this program. Maybe you can use your experience with it to relate to the teachers you encounter. All in all, I’d say you’re doing a good thing, and you’re getting paid, so it’s all good!

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