So the kiddo and I went up to St. George for a little overnight trip to see grandma. Aunt Chelle, Grandma, mom, and Mikey went to the “What Women Want Expo” and had a fabulous time together shopping and looking at all the great stuff in the booths. We did lunch and then took a nap.
Mikey woke up with a nose bleed. He wasn’t sure what to think about the gushy red blood that he was smearing all over his face and clothes. Grandma’s know how to make things better though.
Well we headed home for Vegas b/c that evening was the ward’s dinner, Trunk or Treat, and carnival in the gym. Talk about a blast. Mikey got enough candy from going car to car to fill up our empty candy bowl for the real trick or treaters. It was so exciting. I just sat in the trunk with my new scarecrow and blow up skeleton and handed out candy. I also had green spiderweb strewn across the trunk and pumpkins adorning the top of the hood. Oh yeah! Hats off to the Krafty Kreation store for making our kid friendly craft such a success on Friday. That place rocks! Those decorations helped my car decor really stand out in a crowd. So now we just have to wait until the real Halloween to go get some more loot for mommy and daddy…. I mean, uh, for little Mikey to enjoy during snack time =o)

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  1. I’m so glad that our little boy is okay. I still wonder how he got that bloody nose.

    It was a lot of fun walking around the parking lot holding Mikey’s hand as we went trick-or-treating.

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