So last night was our ward chili cookoff and not too long ago was our ward temple night on a Friday evening. I absolutely love having events on a Friday because I still have the whole day on Saturday to get done what I have to get done before Sunday. So as I sit here at 9am on a Saturday and go over my chore list, I just feel great because I have a whole day to get it done!

And for those rooting for my kitty litter cake to win the bake off, well it didn’t make the cut. I wasn’t very impressed with it myself, but that just means back to the chopping block to revise my plan and tweak a few steps for the next time I make it. The presentation was great though and people were completely disgusted by it. The little loose turds sitting on the newspaper around the litter box were gone when we went to retreive our dessert afterwards. We were a bit surprised by that. When all was said and done, we had a great time and now we have a whole Saturday to still get done what we didn’t get to yesterday!

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