Strawberry whine!!!

Hee hee. So I’m doing my big strawberry orders again. I just love planning and organizing sign ups!! I have 4 going at the same time right now: My craft class in a couple of weekends, Strawberry flats for sale, a Harcourt Readers’ Theatre demonstration, and a Harcourt special presentor coming and speaking about ELL students in the first part of May. I love this stuff. Maybe because it proves I can juggle without needing plastic balls.

So we went to our first HOA meeting not knowing what to expect. I have found that when you go in with low/ no expectations, you can’t be disappointed. Well a whopping 4 people were there; the HOA guy from the office, my family, and 1 other person from the community. Well hubby and the other guy ran to be on the HOA board. I was assigned to count the ballots and would you believe there was a 3 way tie between all 3 people who ran?? The one lady didn’t show up, hubby could care less if won, and the other guy can only meet on Mondays…. so we’ll see what happens. I have sooo many questions about HOAs. Most people just whine and complain about their “in-violation” neighbors, but I would love for ours to really build a sense of community and have people really get to know eachother and look out for eachother. We don’t have that any more, and I am going to work and do whatever it takes to get it back! Through a party at the park- that’s my new philosophy to go by!

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