Smells like teen spirit

Ok not really. Well, I’ve done it!! I’ve become one of ‘those’ parents. The ones who let their kid eat graham crackers, goldfish, cheerios, etc. in the car seat and get crumbs everywhere. I swore I would never do that. It’s now the car that the nice underpayed and overworked people at Fabulous Freddy’s just cringe when you pull in. “Not another one of those kind” they think as the car seat in the back comes slowly into view as you pull up to their vacuuming station. Oh how shameful and disgusting. But that’s not the worst! I found a sippy cup in the car and assumed it was old water. Well, after 2 hours of church and a thirsty kid, I went to fill it up at the hallway drinking fountain. Oh peeuuww! It was fermented apple juice!! My kid didn’t mind, should I?
But guess what I found in the car today? A sippy cup with chunky milk! I didn’t give my kid this one though. For the record, Soy milk does get chunky and takes on a whole new kind of smell. Now that I think about it, that’s the sippy we took to church, but left in the car because we found the imitation water look alike sippy. I also swore on this one too! I would never leave old sippies in the car because a friend warned me about the dangerous odorous chemical reaction that forgotten milk takes on when you leave it in a hot car. Why do I not heed the warnings?? Aughhh. I vow to never leave a sippy in the car again! The eating crackers in the carseat, on the other hand, I just don’t think I can do without! You try calming a toddler on a long ride with no stops!

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