Running Just as Fast as We Can

So we were driving home tonight and this guy darts out in front of our truck carrying a purse. Okay, for one, he nearly got hit and for two, it was obvious he had just stolen it from the lady who started chasing after him. Uh, I wish everyone I ever talked to could speaka english!!! We went around the block, called 911, followed him into the apt. complex and the funny thing was that he started throwing the purse back to the lady and then her phone and then a wad of $$$. So he didn’t have a weapon, we got close enough to take a cell phone picture of him and the lady got back all her stuff. Turns out he was a crazy in law or something. I’m really not sure because I no speaka spanish that well! The guy was back in the apts hiding, the lady was nearly back home, and hopefully a cop was on his way over to the lady’s house and I hopa he could speaka spanish!!! All in a evening drive home from a ward member’s house.

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