Old McDonald Had a Farm

So we’re in St. George, we come up at least 1 weekend a month, and Mikey goes straight for his favorite toy- the John Deere tractor toy complete with a farmer (we call him Grandpa) who pulls 2 little trailor carts behind the tractor that hold the farm animals. When you press the farmer down or any of the farm animals an animal sound plays or the Old McDonald song. But what’s funny is the only animal sound Mikey knows is what a dinosaur says- ROAAAAR! Not quite a farm animal.

So grandpa goes around the kitchen and growls at Mikey and Mikey growls back. When Mikey was about 6 months old, he would growl all the time and would growl on cue when someone growled at him. He hasn’t done it in a long time, but all of the sudden he’s been growling again just like old times.

So of course grandma and grandpa think he’s cute and I guess that’s all that matters when you’re talking about a toddler and letting him do what he does best- growl like the dinosaurs on Old McDonald’s farm.

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