oH Happy Days

I think I’m going to name each of my blog entries after a song title. Today started out crazy, baby is teething and completely miserable and wouldn’t take a nap until 2 hours overdue! But from noon to 3pm I got to scrapbook while he slept, horray! It’s been so long dear scrapbook, how I have missed my eyelets, patterned papers and cricut machine. It’s a good thing I’m attempting to regain my hobby back, because last night I realized that I am 7 months behind in recording baby’s milestones and acheivements.

While hubby was doing his college algebra homework, I rummaged through old emails to relatives telling them of baby’s accomplishments, watched the video in the camcorder to hear and see skills that he’s tackled, and looked through every picture folder on my computer to attempt to reconstruct the past 7 months. Quite a task. I thought it was like kid 6 when you forgo the cutesy brag book and forget all the major events in baby’s life… Poor future kids of mine. They are doomed if I repeat the past. I must keep up with baby’s journaling, I must keep up with baby’s journaling. My awesome hubby helped me type the milestones and accomplishments though as I found them, so I think I am good to start up my scrapbooking again and pick up where I left off. What’s amazing is that I even cleaned the house today too! Normally I put off scrapbooking so I can do chores, but by some meraculous event I was able to do both today, and very well too I must say. Please let tomorrow be a good day!!! Oh yeah, I have to go to my sis-in-law’s house while the repair people fix her broken A/C unit. Can you hear the disappointing let down music playing in the background? wAH WAH WAHHHH!

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