My Life is a Gift, My Life Has a Plan…

My life has a purpose, in heaven it began. And as a stunned 25 yr old who was just visited by a member of the bishopric I find myself in a new calling. A counselor in the Relief Society. Uh, that’s normally reserved for like 30+ year olds. I start immediately, tonight in fact. Weekly mtgs, home visits to sisters in the ward, and I think just setting up teachers and music every Sunday for the actual RS block of time.

But there’s a lesson behind everything that happens in life. So as I was having a pity party for me-myself-and I this week as my husband continues to work strenuously longer hours than I prefer, as my kid goes to bed yet another night without seeing daddy, as my house grows infested with empty Powerade bottles, caked on food stuck to the oven night after night, cereal bowls growing moldy in the sink, clothes strewn everywhere in mishap, the fridge empty for mere bare necessities (we’re going out of town and don’t want moldy food when we get back) and myself having no desire to clean, I am reminded of a simple line from my patriarchal blessing which can be paraphrased easily by the scripture somewhere that reads, ” loose yourself in the service of others.” So while we shouldn’t sit around waiting for “the calling” to dictate what we are to do, I feel as though this calling comes at a great time to make me get out there and do what I know I need to be doing! And so I am excited, surprisingly. Good luck to little ole me =o)

2 thoughts on “My Life is a Gift, My Life Has a Plan…

  1. I think you’ll have a great time with your new calling. This will probably be one that will stick for a while, too. I was called as Sec. in Relief Society about 3 years ago. I was pretty surprised by that, too. But I can tell you that I gained a lot from that calling. I learned to step out of my shell. I loved the service aspect and doing visits to less active sisters. I loved helping to plan activites and such. I loved working with the wonderful sisters in the presidency. It was a great thing for me and I found myself missing it for a while after I was released. You’ll love it!
    (BTW- if you ever need a pick-me-up call me!)

  2. I know you are into this whole song thing, but I have to say, since you’ve posted this entry, I can’t get that song out of my head! It’s driving me crazy!

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