Mr. Tax man, bring me a treat

So our taxes are finally signed, sealed, and awaiting delivery! We’re getting a return which I am happy about. I have such a good hubby to do our taxes every year. With a small business you have to actually pay taxes 4 times a year (break up the big April 15 amount into smaller, more easy to swallow amounts) and hubby has done a great job to guestimate how much to pay each time. He did well because we don’t owe anything this year. My bro-in-law on the other hand didn’t do these quarterly tax smaller bites and they owe like 15 thousand dollars!! I have no idea what they are going to do. So thank you hubby once again for being a smart man and taking care of all this financial tax and planning stuff.

The ironic thing is that we bought a energy/eco friendly Prius, mainly because of the nice tax credit it would bring us…. yeah, we didn’t even get to take the tax deduction since we had taken too many other ones for the year. What a jip! Oh well. I’m hoping we saved a ton of gas over the past year to hopefully make up for it.

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