I’ve Got the Blues!

So we went to get an ultrasound yesterday and found out we were way earlier in this pregnancy than originally expected by my OB. The tech was able to find out the sex and said it was for sure a boy. I don’t know how you dispute the little bump that makes it a boy. From every angle she said with assurity, “yup, it’s still a boy!”
Halloween card inside
So rather than call everyone like 2 months ago, we’ve waited until the ultrasound to let people know we are pregnant. I made a Halloween card really cutesy on the outside and then when you open it up, it reads “peek a boo” and there’s pictures of the ultrasound that let you know “it’s a boy!” So I had my envelopes labeled, addressed, and stamped and we headed to Kinko’s right after the appt. and lunch at Olive Garden. Made my ultrasound copies and Mike took them to the post office. Vegas people should be calling today. Grandparents should be calling tomorrow. It’s all a matter of time. We’ll let them call us rather than us call them. I guess we’re stinkers in that sense. Oh well! We enjoy the element of surprise =o) Hopefully they will too!

I’ll admit, I was totally bummed that my new little one wasn’t a girl. Now that I’ve had a long time to sulk, I’m okay with another boy. We’ve got enough clothes for 3 boys from newborn to 3T so we’re set in that aspect. We’ve got all the big furniture stuff and baby toys. All we’ll need is diapers and Desitin I think! That’s fabulous when you think about it. I get to go all blue again!

And horray for me, it’s my first blog that has a picture.

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