I’m a Big Kid Now

So we’re in St. George for our monthly “come help your aging parents, fix our computers, look over our papers, bring us our grandkid” retreat. I usually come up with hubby for these because there’s such great craft stores and expos for the “typical” Mormon mom to go and see and do. Sometimes I just stay home and let hubs come up because sometimes we just get in the way.

Well today was really neat. Mikey went straight to Grandma and sat on her lap and snuggled with her this morning. She even got to put his shoes on, hold his hand and go on a walk outside with Mikey to the dumpster with a trashbag. He wasn’t afraid at all! Later we were all in grandma’s room playing with Brett’s toys (he just turned 1 and is Mikey’s youngest cousin until Trevor comes later this month). Well grandpa came in to announce he was going to get a haircut. And Mikey went with him, and mommy of course! He has a little spikey buzzed head and he looks like such a big boy. He did so well sitting on my lap and letting the hairdresser buzz his head. So we got back to grandma’s and everyone just swooned over his new do! The funny thing is that after he got the long mushroom cloud removed from his little head, I found tons of dirt specks near his scalp that were left over from our MT. Charleston picnic play trip that occurred yesterday. I guess it was a sign that Mikey’s hair was too long- there’s stuff growing and lerking underneath the layer that can only only be removed after a buzz close to the ears and around the top of his head. He’s a cutey pie! He’ll be handsome for our entire month of vacations to reunions and family functions over harsh mountainous terrain and up up away on Mikey’s first ride on a plane.

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