I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas

Wow, I really like to blog about food now that I think about it. So the kiddos are happily eating orange slices and graham crackers and want more, more! Who would of thought that fresh fruit would be such a crowd pleaser? Everyday they ask for bananas, but I usually don’t have them. The next obvious choice would be to ask for an apple, which we sometimes have. Lately I have been buying oranges b/c my boys have been sick and the extra vitamin C makes us all feel better. I need to do some research about oranges as a stocking stuffer. I think it’s b/c people didn’t have much money during the good ole days as oranges where healthy, satisfying, and relatively inexpensive. I think my boys are getting an orange in their stocking this year. And what’s really going to be hilarious is the fact that my little guy will find so much pleasure in playing with his real orange that all the other gadgets and toys he gets this year will be in a league of their own (the left alone league) and the orange will succeed!!

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