Happy Birthday to Me!

So I’m officially another year older and wiser- yahoo! So far, not too much different from the previous age, thank goodness. I was totally craving sausage so I went to Jack in the Box, we hope a McDonald’s comes soon!, and I got us breakfast. For lunch, my m-i-l came down and took me out to Olive Garden. It was delicious. For dinner, we went to a local mom and pop ice cream shop (Danielle’s, on the corner of Sahara and Torrey Pines) and had ice cream. Yeah, 2 scoops is too much for me, despite what my eyes say.

We had a fun get together with friends the next evening. It doesn’t get better than breakfast for dinner- viva la french toast! Loved it!! And I am obsessed with white elephant gift exchanges so we had one. It’s so nice to get rid of stuff from the closets an pass it to someone else. We are the proud new owners of a bath set, a Crest spin toothbrush, and I forgot what hubby inherited. And to top off the evening, we all went to the big dirt lot across the street and dropped Mentos into 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke. If you’ve never seen it, go to YouTube and do a search. Talk about an awesome chemical reaction. I don’t recall learning about this in hs chemistry!

So all in all, being older is great. It’s one of those inevitable things you have to do, like pay taxes or feed yourself. You just can’t avoid another candle on the cake, another round of wishing the day won’t come, but it finally does. It’s not so bad after all.

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