Flying Purple People Eaters

So Halloween was a bust at our house. We had maybe 20 trick or treaters eagerly knocking on our door over a 3 hour period. Nothing like what we anticipated from previous years. What will I ever do with my bucket still full of left over Halloween chocolate candy?

Last year, at a different house in a different neighborhood, we had closer to 120 trickers appear. I remember that hubby went to his night school class and on the way home I had him buy more candy since the baby and I had run out!

This year, I was getting desperate for kids to come so when they did, I gave them a handfull of candy, pumpkin stickers, a geek pen (hey, free advertising for hubby’s biz), a card, and a pass along card for a free Christmas video when they called the number. Never have I seen kids look into their loot bag and pull out the stuff I had just given them, but nearly every kid did this year!

They gave the video pass along card to their parents who eyed it suspiciously and most of them then said something like, “oh neat.” So we’ll see if I have the Mormon missionaries scouring my neighborhood trying to keep up with my whole whopping 20 people who I gave cards to. And maybe a UPS truck daily combing the streets delivering DVDs to all my neighbors and not to me will be a sign that calls were placed and videos are on their way. And if so, hopefully these people don’t believe that weird tale of Mormons having horns.

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