Feed Me Seymour

So I went to my ward’s fabulous cooking club and I’ve been inspired!!! 1 year food storage here I come! On my Christmas list this year is a food dehydrator, first aid kit (the big good kind), and a wheat grinder to soon follow. I saw a wheat grinder being used tonight and it makes me excited! They are so cool! Wheat stores longer than flour, but you grind up wheat to make flour. What a concept!

So I have to take baby steps about getting my food storage up to par. Fruit leather and homemade bread are where I plan to start. I can make these things from food storage items and start rotating a bit of my storage. And there’s seriously a recipe out there to make brownies from pinto beans or some weird bean ingredient like that.

I learned that most people don’t die in this world because of lack of food. They die because of malnutrition. They aren’t getting the nutrients their bodies need. I better get going with making my family eat better. Grains and beans and all that great natural stuff is such a foreign concept to my family. We really like frozen pizzas and box mac n cheese.

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