Celebration Time

My hubby has officially finished the Fall 07 semester of school. Well, it was a combined effort to get through online classes and take online finals and we finished at 11pm last night. Phew what a relief! I am so glad it is done. I don’t know what it will be like to have full attention off of school for a month until the next semester starts up again. I must say though, distance education is soo awesome! Sit in your unders (as I call them) at late hours of the night and post responses to questions and take multiple choice online exams is such a treat. Well, a treat when you consider the alternative of being in a lecture hall with a professor stalling and doing their best to take up two hours of lecture time!! I am totally a fan a distance ed. What a life saver. We’ll see how next semester goes- I think hubby is only going to take 1 online class since we have a baby coming in the middle of March.

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