Can you feel the love tonight?

So I watched to Dems debate eachother tonight on tv and it just wasn’t interesting at all. I sat and listened, because I do want to know what they think about issues, but truthfully I just couldn’t feel the love. I do think that no matter what you believe and what side of the aisle you sit, having the best interest for the nation is your #1 priority. I do feel that all the candidates honestly want to help the American people. It gets sticky and gruesome when your idea of what to do and how just isn’t what everyone else wants.

And oh are there differences!! Boycott the Summer Games since China won’t put pressure on parts of Africa to stop genocide in some place I’ve never heard of or knew there were problems. And then there’s the idea that the Clinton administration balanced the budget, but that was because Social Security was on the records as an asset and not as a liability. Of course there’s going to be more money in the budget!! And maybe we should create a program to to allow all hs graduates to get funding from the government to attend college.

I don’t know what will become of it all and I think that ideas are great until it comes time to face the music. Don’t people know that a person just can’t become President of the USA and start throwing out new laws and programs like he’s almighty? I hope people will listen to these intelligent candidates and really ponder as to what issues are really attainable and others just words and ideas thrown out to voters to get them to vote for that candidate.

Question everything!!! And as I sit and watch a “documentary” on Big Brother, Big Business I can’t help but to question whether I should start paying for everything with cash again. Stores get all sorts of info about you, like it or not….

2 thoughts on “Can you feel the love tonight?

  1. And, the Democrats who like to point that the budget was balanced during the Clinton administration always forget to mention that both houses of Congress were Republicans!

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