Food, Glorious Food!

So I finally have caught up with clipping my coupons and gathering all the Smith’s reward point coupon thingies that come in the mail that give you money off your entire purchase. Well not only did I clip today, but I took them to the store and saved big time!! What’s really crazy is that I couldn’t find the ad for last week or this week here or at the store so I went shopping cold turkey. 9 bags of groceries and 3 gallons of milk/ juice all for $50 bucks and some change! It was a great day in the land of Coxville! I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it to the store today b/c my kiddo is really sick and he fell asleep in the guest bedroom today like 2 hours earlier than nap time. And my previously scheduled church mtg got canceled so that made my shopping trip totally attainable. The rest of my week is packed with babysitting until 6, RS Pres mtg one night, Unfinished Project Night the next one, and a Candle Open House the next night. And a quick trip to St. George for a baptism on Saturday. Whew!! Glad I made it to the store today.

There were so many good parts of this shopping trip- my kid was pretty decent despite that his mommy filled up his Cheerio snack container before leaving and left it on the counter in the house. And even though we couldn’t find the kiddie car shopping cart, fully equiped with honking horn and saftey belt, he stayed in the regular cart and piled the groceries all around him for most of the trip. I will admit that I had to carry him through part of our trip, but he at least he layed his head on my shoulder and didn’t fuss. He even held my hand from milk/ ice cream all the way to check out!! I think what excited me the most was that macaroni and cheese was on sale for a quarter each.

My kid would probably eat mac n cheese every day for lunch if I let him. It’s so smooth and creamy and just the right texture for little teething toddlers! So I nearly wiped them out of regular, shells, a few spirals, and some 3 cheese and I can now stock pile it back into the designated shelf in my pantry that has been bare since September. I’ve been rationing the last few boxes until the 25c sale was back in effect. It used to be part of the case lot sales in Sept. and March, but for some reason, no 25c mac this fall until now, the late part of November. Oh well! We’re back on track and will stock up on some more the next time I send hubby to the store for some ingredient we are out of, but really need for dinner. He’s such a good hubby=o)

Hush Little Baby…

Oh how I love my kid. Especially yesterday when he refused to take a nap, fell asleep at dinner on the couch, wouldn’t eat a bite of food all day, and then insisted on staying up late before finally walking to the baby gate at the stairs at nearly 11pm to signal he was now tired and ready to go to sleep for the night. I’m thinking a new big tooth, but since no body can get close enough to his mouth without getting bitten, I can only guess on that one.

And now he’s upstairs and has shut the door while he’s inside the room. Oh how I wish he would just take a nap. Teething stinks in my personal opinion.

Feed Me Seymour

So I went to my ward’s fabulous cooking club and I’ve been inspired!!! 1 year food storage here I come! On my Christmas list this year is a food dehydrator, first aid kit (the big good kind), and a wheat grinder to soon follow. I saw a wheat grinder being used tonight and it makes me excited! They are so cool! Wheat stores longer than flour, but you grind up wheat to make flour. What a concept!

So I have to take baby steps about getting my food storage up to par. Fruit leather and homemade bread are where I plan to start. I can make these things from food storage items and start rotating a bit of my storage. And there’s seriously a recipe out there to make brownies from pinto beans or some weird bean ingredient like that.

I learned that most people don’t die in this world because of lack of food. They die because of malnutrition. They aren’t getting the nutrients their bodies need. I better get going with making my family eat better. Grains and beans and all that great natural stuff is such a foreign concept to my family. We really like frozen pizzas and box mac n cheese.

Flying Purple People Eaters

So Halloween was a bust at our house. We had maybe 20 trick or treaters eagerly knocking on our door over a 3 hour period. Nothing like what we anticipated from previous years. What will I ever do with my bucket still full of left over Halloween chocolate candy?

Last year, at a different house in a different neighborhood, we had closer to 120 trickers appear. I remember that hubby went to his night school class and on the way home I had him buy more candy since the baby and I had run out!

This year, I was getting desperate for kids to come so when they did, I gave them a handfull of candy, pumpkin stickers, a geek pen (hey, free advertising for hubby’s biz), a card, and a pass along card for a free Christmas video when they called the number. Never have I seen kids look into their loot bag and pull out the stuff I had just given them, but nearly every kid did this year!

They gave the video pass along card to their parents who eyed it suspiciously and most of them then said something like, “oh neat.” So we’ll see if I have the Mormon missionaries scouring my neighborhood trying to keep up with my whole whopping 20 people who I gave cards to. And maybe a UPS truck daily combing the streets delivering DVDs to all my neighbors and not to me will be a sign that calls were placed and videos are on their way. And if so, hopefully these people don’t believe that weird tale of Mormons having horns.