So the kiddo and I went up to St. George for a little overnight trip to see grandma. Aunt Chelle, Grandma, mom, and Mikey went to the “What Women Want Expo” and had a fabulous time together shopping and looking at all the great stuff in the booths. We did lunch and then took a nap.
Mikey woke up with a nose bleed. He wasn’t sure what to think about the gushy red blood that he was smearing all over his face and clothes. Grandma’s know how to make things better though.
Well we headed home for Vegas b/c that evening was the ward’s dinner, Trunk or Treat, and carnival in the gym. Talk about a blast. Mikey got enough candy from going car to car to fill up our empty candy bowl for the real trick or treaters. It was so exciting. I just sat in the trunk with my new scarecrow and blow up skeleton and handed out candy. I also had green spiderweb strewn across the trunk and pumpkins adorning the top of the hood. Oh yeah! Hats off to the Krafty Kreation store for making our kid friendly craft such a success on Friday. That place rocks! Those decorations helped my car decor really stand out in a crowd. So now we just have to wait until the real Halloween to go get some more loot for mommy and daddy…. I mean, uh, for little Mikey to enjoy during snack time =o)

I’ve Got the Blues!

So we went to get an ultrasound yesterday and found out we were way earlier in this pregnancy than originally expected by my OB. The tech was able to find out the sex and said it was for sure a boy. I don’t know how you dispute the little bump that makes it a boy. From every angle she said with assurity, “yup, it’s still a boy!”
Halloween card inside
So rather than call everyone like 2 months ago, we’ve waited until the ultrasound to let people know we are pregnant. I made a Halloween card really cutesy on the outside and then when you open it up, it reads “peek a boo” and there’s pictures of the ultrasound that let you know “it’s a boy!” So I had my envelopes labeled, addressed, and stamped and we headed to Kinko’s right after the appt. and lunch at Olive Garden. Made my ultrasound copies and Mike took them to the post office. Vegas people should be calling today. Grandparents should be calling tomorrow. It’s all a matter of time. We’ll let them call us rather than us call them. I guess we’re stinkers in that sense. Oh well! We enjoy the element of surprise =o) Hopefully they will too!

I’ll admit, I was totally bummed that my new little one wasn’t a girl. Now that I’ve had a long time to sulk, I’m okay with another boy. We’ve got enough clothes for 3 boys from newborn to 3T so we’re set in that aspect. We’ve got all the big furniture stuff and baby toys. All we’ll need is diapers and Desitin I think! That’s fabulous when you think about it. I get to go all blue again!

And horray for me, it’s my first blog that has a picture.


So last night was our ward chili cookoff and not too long ago was our ward temple night on a Friday evening. I absolutely love having events on a Friday because I still have the whole day on Saturday to get done what I have to get done before Sunday. So as I sit here at 9am on a Saturday and go over my chore list, I just feel great because I have a whole day to get it done!

And for those rooting for my kitty litter cake to win the bake off, well it didn’t make the cut. I wasn’t very impressed with it myself, but that just means back to the chopping block to revise my plan and tweak a few steps for the next time I make it. The presentation was great though and people were completely disgusted by it. The little loose turds sitting on the newspaper around the litter box were gone when we went to retreive our dessert afterwards. We were a bit surprised by that. When all was said and done, we had a great time and now we have a whole Saturday to still get done what we didn’t get to yesterday!

Come and Play…

So my kid has watched more tv in past month than I probably want to admit to. What can I say? I get busy with stuff and PBS is a fabulous babysitter. Sometimes just an hour of Elmo and Sesame Street, but most days is way more! And can I just tell you what educational programs they have? We spend all this money on cable and satellite and I totally turn to local regular old PBS for entertainment. Funny how that works. So Mikey will seriously go and turn on the tv himself and plop down in front of it. It buys me some more snooze time, email time, research time, cleaning time. It’s great… until we realize our whole day was spent in front of the tube. Luckily there have been very few of those.

Old McDonald Had a Farm

So we’re in St. George, we come up at least 1 weekend a month, and Mikey goes straight for his favorite toy- the John Deere tractor toy complete with a farmer (we call him Grandpa) who pulls 2 little trailor carts behind the tractor that hold the farm animals. When you press the farmer down or any of the farm animals an animal sound plays or the Old McDonald song. But what’s funny is the only animal sound Mikey knows is what a dinosaur says- ROAAAAR! Not quite a farm animal.

So grandpa goes around the kitchen and growls at Mikey and Mikey growls back. When Mikey was about 6 months old, he would growl all the time and would growl on cue when someone growled at him. He hasn’t done it in a long time, but all of the sudden he’s been growling again just like old times.

So of course grandma and grandpa think he’s cute and I guess that’s all that matters when you’re talking about a toddler and letting him do what he does best- growl like the dinosaurs on Old McDonald’s farm.

My Bologne Has a First Name…

What’s funny is that I have to sing the song to figure out how to actually spell bologne. So my ward had a cooking club tonight and it was a blast. It was all about food storage and getting started and there were samples! We get pinto bean brownies next time.

When I look at items contained in a 72 hour kit it makes me hope that we wouldn’t have a disaster that lasted for any longer b/c my boys couldn’t get very far on what you’re only supposed to eat for one meal. I’m afraid they’d eat the whole kit in about 1/2 a day. And let’s not even talk about water storage!!!

I wonder if my m-i-l would buy me one of those blue plastic drums for Christmas this year. She keeps saying she’s going to buy everyone food storage foods for Christmas. One year, she bought me cases of stuff from Smith’s for my b-day. I got to make a list for her and everything. I’m sure I’m the only one who gets a kick out of receiving food storage for holidays. I just love it!

So Smith’s is having case lots sales- it’s a wonderful time of the year. I’m glad to say I actually have stuff left over from last year’s case lot sales- yay 1 year food storage of canned peas, carrots, and green beans! (Unfortunately that means we don’t eat them. I got on this kick about doing homemade baby food, but the kid was onto real table food in less time than I thought.)

I’m slowly learning what we eat, how many we eat in a month, and can therefore plan as to how much to buy when it goes on rock bottom sale prices to sustain us for 1 year! My only gripe is that houses down here aren’t built like houses in Utah. We don’t have basements or walk in pantries gosh darn it. Oh I’d kill for a walk in pantry. My next casa I guess. My pantry is smaller than the coat closet but we get by. I have an issue with storing #10 cans under beds or upstairs for that matter. It just feels so wrong!?! Food goes in the kitchen in my mind. I’ve got to get over this fear or we’ll be dead in month #2 of some great catastrophe where we finally get put to the test as to whether our food storage is substantial for 1 year or not. You all are welcome to the left over canned peas, carrots, and green beans after I die! I just like the shopping part. Some people like shoes or purses. Me, I’m all over a great sale on canned goods in aisle 5,6, and 7. And get me a courtesy clerk to push my second cart to check out! And then you better call my hubby for backup b/c I’ll need his truck to haul it all home.

Could you imagine what a year supply of shoes would look like?!? Now that would be an interesting disaster.