Running Just as Fast as We Can

So we were driving home tonight and this guy darts out in front of our truck carrying a purse. Okay, for one, he nearly got hit and for two, it was obvious he had just stolen it from the lady who started chasing after him. Uh, I wish everyone I ever talked to could speaka english!!! We went around the block, called 911, followed him into the apt. complex and the funny thing was that he started throwing the purse back to the lady and then her phone and then a wad of $$$. So he didn’t have a weapon, we got close enough to take a cell phone picture of him and the lady got back all her stuff. Turns out he was a crazy in law or something. I’m really not sure because I no speaka spanish that well! The guy was back in the apts hiding, the lady was nearly back home, and hopefully a cop was on his way over to the lady’s house and I hopa he could speaka spanish!!! All in a evening drive home from a ward member’s house.

Who are the People in Your [Family]?

So we went down to the Meadows Mall this morning to take our annual family pictures at The Picture People. Can I just tell you how cute my kid is? I only bother buying family pictures so people will know who his parents are. So Mikey refused to smile, but rather pulled these sly grins that actually looked really cute on camera. Now that The Picture People have gone digital, they can turn horizontal pictures into vertical and vice verca. It’s so cool! So Mikey was riding and posing on a little Red Flyer car and they zoomed in on his face. It looks like he was saying, “uh oh” and so of course we had to get one of those for Grandma Cox. The little car wasn’t even in the picture… that’s what’s so funny. The best ones were just close ups. The Picture People are nearly part of our family. They sure can capture great moments to preserve!

When I was growing up, my mom was an apt. manager. The great perks came from residents who worked at cool places and one of these people was a manager at The Picture People. Well the bond has been tight ever since. Graduation, Family, Bridals, My own little growing Cox Family… all taken at The Picture People. Their style is so candid and the colors are so vivid. I love it. So I only go when I get my 20% flyer in the mail and yahoo- I got one in Sept. and one in Oct. Now I just have to debate whether to take Mikey back or not. I bought enough to send out for Christmas I think, but you get a free 10×13 which is totally worth going back for. Oh decisions decisions. I love my family.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go!

So baby boy Cox is totally my husband’s son. We bought a new stroller and Mikey put more pcs. together than I did. He just has this knack for assessing the situation based on observing the pcs and then going right to putting things in their place. Wheels- on the tube thingies sticking out of the bottom. Drink holder- holes fit over those little tubes on the handle. Had to pull cotter pins out, remove washer, put on wheels on, replace cotter pin, and then push in hubcap. I luckily was allowed to to that part.

And just barely I look over and Mikey had successfully loosened and removed a nut that was holding a table leg to the table in the kitchen. Now if only he could take such pride and detail in brushing his teeth.

If You’re Happy and You Know it….

So Baby Cox has overmastered “mama” and “dada” so well that he runs around all day and says, “Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada” to everything we ask him.
“Who do you want to change you diaper?”
“Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada.”
It’s so funny. So the little one we babysit is 10 months younger than him and she has just learned Mama, but said Dada already. She’s taught Mikey what parents like to hear all day, “Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada.”

It’s so cute to see him really think about what he’s trying to do. He moves his tongue around in his mouth and tries to get sounds to come out. He’s trying so hard that you can’t help but realize that he’s getting to be a big boy and more indepenent. He gets so excited for doing fun things that he can’t help but to clap his hands at his newly mastered skills. He’s a cute one. We’ll keep him.

Saturday we’re going in for family pictures. I think last year we went in early November to get pictures ready for Christmas time. This year, pictures in September to save for Christmas cards. We’re all about being early and beating the rush.

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I’m officially another year older and wiser- yahoo! So far, not too much different from the previous age, thank goodness. I was totally craving sausage so I went to Jack in the Box, we hope a McDonald’s comes soon!, and I got us breakfast. For lunch, my m-i-l came down and took me out to Olive Garden. It was delicious. For dinner, we went to a local mom and pop ice cream shop (Danielle’s, on the corner of Sahara and Torrey Pines) and had ice cream. Yeah, 2 scoops is too much for me, despite what my eyes say.

We had a fun get together with friends the next evening. It doesn’t get better than breakfast for dinner- viva la french toast! Loved it!! And I am obsessed with white elephant gift exchanges so we had one. It’s so nice to get rid of stuff from the closets an pass it to someone else. We are the proud new owners of a bath set, a Crest spin toothbrush, and I forgot what hubby inherited. And to top off the evening, we all went to the big dirt lot across the street and dropped Mentos into 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke. If you’ve never seen it, go to YouTube and do a search. Talk about an awesome chemical reaction. I don’t recall learning about this in hs chemistry!

So all in all, being older is great. It’s one of those inevitable things you have to do, like pay taxes or feed yourself. You just can’t avoid another candle on the cake, another round of wishing the day won’t come, but it finally does. It’s not so bad after all.

You Raise Me up so I Can Walk on Mountains

So after a really long week (which was only 4 days, b/c Labor Day was Monday) I am happy to say that I made it through. I spent all day Friday shopping, until Mikey conked out, and all day Saturday doing nearly the same. I sent my hubby and kid to St. George to spend quality time with grandma, fixing computers, playing with duplos, wrestling with cousins and I stayed in town to just catch up and spend time alone! Alone time is good. I like to be free from distractions, free from my growing teething whiney boy, free from my overworked husband, free from my family I guess. Well after a trip to WalMart (2 hours just walking through the whole store- oh it was nice to take my time) I headed to the temple and barely made the 2:30 session. Got through and didn’t even stop to sit in the Celestial Room. I almost feel now that sitting in the peace and quiet of the temple contemplating my life was the whole reason why I should have gone, and now I’ve breezed right over it. So on to another event. Had to leave that one earlier than I wanted to get to Stake Conference.

Who ever said that the gospel and good wisdom “nuggets” are found tucked inside the overlooked Saturday evening session of Stake Conference is totally right! Oh man what a spiritually powerful mtg to end an enormously powerpacked week! As I walked in, only 5 minutes late, the amazing sounds of the Stake Choir singing Gosh Groban (sp check) resonated throughout the bldg. and the song was perfect.

The speakers were incredible, 2 bishops and their wives, and of course the Stake Presidency members. I’ve recently been struggling as to how to get family time in when work schedules/ school/ mtgs take over our lives and my answers as to how to make it work came immediately. 1 speaker summed it up with 3 simple “rules” given especially to the husbands:

1- Sweetheart prayer- pray with your sweetheart every morning and evening.
2- Attend the temple with your sweetheart- your children will be safe when you’re in attendance at the temple. To me that means= do what you have to do to get there. Hire a sitter, ask a neighbor, who cares- just go to the temple!!
3- Have FHE- and the husband is to preside and lead weekly lessons. He may ask “who’s leading the music and making the treat?” but when it comes to FHE, it’s his responsibility to make sure it happens and to gather all in to participate.

The 2 bishops and their wives talked about simple ways to spend time with one another when time is sparce. The most important thing is that when you spend date time with your spouse your children will know that their parents love them because those parents love eachother and want to be with eachother. It was just what I needed to hear.

It was an incredible session of Conference and I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s session. Our stake president is doing 3 sessions of conference tomorrow. 4 wards in each session. And in an attempt to get more people to attend, the Primary Presidency has created coloring books to hand out to every kid so parents will feel more comfortable attending.

It was the little spiritual boost I needed at this time and it makes me feel as though I can walk on mtns or water for that matter.