It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Wow, let’s just look at the week in review, shall we? A horrific massacre at Virginia Tech; the anniversary of not 1 but many other horrific events in our history like the Oklahoma City bombing; Waco, TX Davidian compound mass suicide killing; Columbine HS massacre. And I’m sure there are more. Just today there’s a guy who has locked himself in a building with guns at a Space Center and gun shots have been heard. Surprisingly I am not glued to the tv like I was at the beginning of the week. And let’s not even talk about how I was attached at the retinas to the boob tube during 9/11! My roommates were so mad at me that I wouldn’t change the channel from the news for like at least a week. All I have to say in my defense is I never watched tv before, so my news addiction made up for it. I asked my hubby what he thought the world was coming to and, being the smart man he is, simply replied, “The second coming!” I love my guy =o)

Mr. Tax man, bring me a treat

So our taxes are finally signed, sealed, and awaiting delivery! We’re getting a return which I am happy about. I have such a good hubby to do our taxes every year. With a small business you have to actually pay taxes 4 times a year (break up the big April 15 amount into smaller, more easy to swallow amounts) and hubby has done a great job to guestimate how much to pay each time. He did well because we don’t owe anything this year. My bro-in-law on the other hand didn’t do these quarterly tax smaller bites and they owe like 15 thousand dollars!! I have no idea what they are going to do. So thank you hubby once again for being a smart man and taking care of all this financial tax and planning stuff.

The ironic thing is that we bought a energy/eco friendly Prius, mainly because of the nice tax credit it would bring us…. yeah, we didn’t even get to take the tax deduction since we had taken too many other ones for the year. What a jip! Oh well. I’m hoping we saved a ton of gas over the past year to hopefully make up for it.

Strawberry whine!!!

Hee hee. So I’m doing my big strawberry orders again. I just love planning and organizing sign ups!! I have 4 going at the same time right now: My craft class in a couple of weekends, Strawberry flats for sale, a Harcourt Readers’ Theatre demonstration, and a Harcourt special presentor coming and speaking about ELL students in the first part of May. I love this stuff. Maybe because it proves I can juggle without needing plastic balls.

So we went to our first HOA meeting not knowing what to expect. I have found that when you go in with low/ no expectations, you can’t be disappointed. Well a whopping 4 people were there; the HOA guy from the office, my family, and 1 other person from the community. Well hubby and the other guy ran to be on the HOA board. I was assigned to count the ballots and would you believe there was a 3 way tie between all 3 people who ran?? The one lady didn’t show up, hubby could care less if won, and the other guy can only meet on Mondays…. so we’ll see what happens. I have sooo many questions about HOAs. Most people just whine and complain about their “in-violation” neighbors, but I would love for ours to really build a sense of community and have people really get to know eachother and look out for eachother. We don’t have that any more, and I am going to work and do whatever it takes to get it back! Through a party at the park- that’s my new philosophy to go by!

oH Happy Days

I think I’m going to name each of my blog entries after a song title. Today started out crazy, baby is teething and completely miserable and wouldn’t take a nap until 2 hours overdue! But from noon to 3pm I got to scrapbook while he slept, horray! It’s been so long dear scrapbook, how I have missed my eyelets, patterned papers and cricut machine. It’s a good thing I’m attempting to regain my hobby back, because last night I realized that I am 7 months behind in recording baby’s milestones and acheivements.

While hubby was doing his college algebra homework, I rummaged through old emails to relatives telling them of baby’s accomplishments, watched the video in the camcorder to hear and see skills that he’s tackled, and looked through every picture folder on my computer to attempt to reconstruct the past 7 months. Quite a task. I thought it was like kid 6 when you forgo the cutesy brag book and forget all the major events in baby’s life… Poor future kids of mine. They are doomed if I repeat the past. I must keep up with baby’s journaling, I must keep up with baby’s journaling. My awesome hubby helped me type the milestones and accomplishments though as I found them, so I think I am good to start up my scrapbooking again and pick up where I left off. What’s amazing is that I even cleaned the house today too! Normally I put off scrapbooking so I can do chores, but by some meraculous event I was able to do both today, and very well too I must say. Please let tomorrow be a good day!!! Oh yeah, I have to go to my sis-in-law’s house while the repair people fix her broken A/C unit. Can you hear the disappointing let down music playing in the background? wAH WAH WAHHHH!