Hot Flashes at 25?!?

So this weekend we are in St. George visiting the in-laws. If you took a look at our latest extended family picture you would think we were outlaws. Well, Grandma Pearson is sleeping in the guest bedroom that we normally occupy and so we have been bumped to Michelle’s casita. Michelle is my sis-in-law and I must say she has the most comfortable bed I have slept on in a very long time. The funny thing is that I don’t know if I slept so well because the bed is so confortable or if the mounds of pillows surrounding my head made for a comfy cushion for my nogin. Whatever it is, I am sleeping great in between Mikey’s night time rude awakenings.

So the first night I was way tooooo hot and had to kick off the quilt, comforter, blanket, and sheets. When I looked over in the morning, Mike was tangled up in all of them as if he were a mummy. If you know me then you know that I am always cold and love to bundle in my oversized sweatshirt. If you know Mike then you know that the last time he was cold was….. I don’t even know the last time he was cold. This is the guy who never wears long sleeves and would seriously wear shorts every day of the year if I let him, which I don’t! So to see him cold and me hot is really wierd and definitely worth blogging. It was quite funny we thought.